April 01, 2020
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'Bajrang Dal Men Are Good Nationalists'

Reacting to the allies sabre-rattling, BJP president Kushabhau Thakre told Outlook they were free to do what they must: The government is theirs as well, its up to them whether they want to break away. Excerpts:

'Bajrang Dal Men Are Good Nationalists'

What is this international conspiracy?
It is based on the circumstances. Post-Pokhran, Western powers are angry with us and want to weaken India. The incidents began all of a sudden, recently. The propaganda being disseminated as a result is damaging the bjp, the rss and the VHP. Are we so stupid that we will smash our own head? The only people who are benefiting are the Congress and the Left. They could also be part of the conspiracy.

Our information is that the main accused, Dara Singh, is listed as a bjp supporter in an earlier fir.
No... he is an associate of Jaichandra Jena, a Congress minister. I received telephone calls begging me not to take his name, to save him. Details of whether it is intelligence agencies or western governments I don't have. But I know the isi is interested.

Have you lost control?
There is no question of losing control because they (Bajrang Dal) are not involved. The first day after the Staines' murder, the police said Dara Singh was the culprit. He is not a Bajrang Dal activist. It says it has no unit there. The Orissa government arrested 50 people but not one from the Bajrang Dal. The police is going to villagers and browbeating them into saying the Bajrang Dal is responsible.

The VHP says the area does not have any leprosy patients.
Yes, but the point is that leprosy-prone districts have been declared by the government and his chosen area is not among them. But it is not important whether he cured leprosy or malaria. He is doing some service. Even if he is doing conversion legally kare. But it should not be done illegally. After all, nationwide the targets have been tribals.

Allies like the tdp, Mamata's Trinamul and aiadmk are attacking you. Is the government in danger?

Alliances can't be forced. It's up to them to decide what to do. They don't have proper information. Government unke bhi hain, todna hai todo. Zabardasti ki shaadi to hain nahin. Jaana chaahte hein to unki marzi. (The government is their's as well, it's up to them if they want to break away). They also have a stake.

Don't you want the government to continue?
Hamara kaam samjhana hain. This government has many achievements to its credit and is good for the nation. We want it to go on. But we believe it is not a bjp government but an alliance coalition.

Advani has been criticised for giving a clean chit to Bajrang Dal.
They are in reality good people and nationalistic.

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