February 25, 2020
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Arvindbhai Patel

Vanch, Gujarat

Arvindbhai Patel

Patel quit college after "wasting a year" studying commerce. "The English medium of instruction was a big problem and a good excuse!" Companion, the auto air-kick pump Patel has invented, helps inflate tyres using the built-in kick-start mechanism of a two-wheeler. "It is designed keeping in mind those who regularly travel miles on motorbikes." The compression of air obtained while cranking up the engine cylinder is transferred to the tyre tube with the help of this instrument. You’ve to unscrew the spark plug and keep the petrol cock closed. Then the adaptor of the device is screwed onto the spark-plug while the other end is clamped onto the tyre valve. A few kicks, and the tyre inflates. Using a coiled copper pipe covered with a damp ribbon, Patel has managed to create a natural water cooler, based on the principle of vapour absorption. The cooler has been developed in three different capacities of 5, 10 and 20 litres. Then there is an auto compression sprayer that uses the normal body movement of walking as an energy input to accentuate the to and fro movement, which in turn drives a piston that generates enough pressure for spraying. "The farmer feels relaxed, rather than drained of energy, after using this device," he says.

Wife Jayshri, a schoolteacher, initially resented his passion; it was all expenses, no returns. Now she calls him a "genius".

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