February 24, 2020
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Anupam Kher

The actor-cum-media events manager on the Sansui Viewers Choice Movie Awards

Anupam Kher
Were the first Sansui Viewers' Choice Movie awards held in the capital recently a success?
Yes. It was well executed, handled professionally and had a massive star turn-out.

Is it going to be an annual event?
As event manager, I can't predict, but it should be considering DD can reach it to so many homes in the country.

Why did you choose Delhi over Mumbai?
I think Delhi is a challenging choice. It has strong links with the creative arts due to its good academies.

What was the reason behind the show's unusual theme—Courage?
Courage is my belief and I wanted to share that. We all need to respect and have courage and being able to communicate this feeling gave me a sense of fulfilment.

Dilip Kumar received the Lifetime Achievement Award but left in a huff?
When he was in the middle of his speech a certain section of the audience behaved in a disrespectful manner. So he did what he thought best.

You came down very heavily on the audience after that, specially after saying how happy you were to be back in Delhi.
There is goodness in everyone but sometimes we let the worst side take over.Sometimes it's important to educate the audience to respect senior members of society.

Are you going to organise such events in the capital again after this?
Why not? Everybody's not responsible for what happened.

What was the controversy about the National Flag?
Since the theme was courage I wanted the tricolour on stage. At the last moment, I was instructed to remove it as 'it was not in its complete form'. That's ridiculous. I think we all know how to respect it. Nobody should come across as an authority.

How long has your Media Events company been in existence?
Four years. The Videocon Awards '96-97 and the Lata Mangeshkar Live in Concert were organised by us.

You've bagged a contract for an event abroad.
This event is a very special one that will carry the theme of world peace in New York, May 1, 1999. It will be attended by world leaders as well as Hollywood stars.

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