February 28, 2020
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Anupam Kher

Not-so-old at 40, the actor turned businessman is all set to pen his memoirs

Anupam Kher
How far are you into your memoirs?
I was informed only last month by the publisher. I am into recollecting incidents, which I retain as visuals. The book has not reached a concrete stage, but is taking shape.

Will this be an all-out comic affair?
I don't want to sermonise. The reader has to be amused even by my hardships. I have perceived things as an outsider, even in sad situations, always seeing a funny side.

Are you writing this for an audience or purely to satisfy inner urges?
The satisfaction is in finding an audience. I expect it to be a bestseller.

Why the title Going Fast To Nowhere?
That's the way I feel at this stage in my life. Also, it is an upmarket, interesting title.

Since you yourself admit that you do not have sufficient command over English, why not write in the language you are comfortable with?
Writing is not about the language you use, but about the genuineness of what you have to say. Anyway, Hindi today is no longer pure, but English-Hindi. And I am aiming for a larger audience.

You have been criticised for spreading yourself too thin. And now you have this book.
Time is my problem. When you are 40, you know only half your life, hopefully, is left. I want to do a lot of things.

Have you been inspired by any writer?
Yes, I have read a lot of books, Russian and American literature. I have liked autobiographies of Ingrid Bergman, Kurosawa. Bill Cosby's is hilarious, I like David Niven's books. Their influence will be there.

Will this be a chronological account?
No it will juxtapose my past and present.

Are you old enough to be writing memoirs?
Maybe not old, but I am rich with experiences, having grown from a nobody to somebody. Life has been the best book I have read. And I want to write it.

What makes you presume people want to read about you?
I am after all Anupam Kher, the hopeless optimist.

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