April 01, 2020
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Anoushka Shankar

On her second album Anourag

Anoushka Shankar
Anoushka Shankar
Impressions of the album?
A combination of emotions and techniques.

Why emotions?
The world lacks it today.

Its USP?
A few recordings with my father.

But the Indian youth today prefers funky music.
Classical music will always have its place.

Even in the West?
More than it was before.

Is being Ravi Shankar's daughter an advantage or peril?
Both. Because comparisons will be made anyway.

Plans to protect Ravi Shankar's heritage?
A gurukul is being shaped in Delhi.

Your best performance till date?
In New York last year before a 11,000-strong crowd.

The best lessons from your father...

What next?
A few solo shows.

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