February 20, 2020
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Anirudh Ravichander

The music composer and brains behind Kolaveri Di on his music going viral

Anirudh Ravichander
Anirudh Ravichander

After Kolaveri Di, now your new track Ai Dil Mere for MTV’s Rush is going viral online.

I think it’s all God’s grace. I make music from my heart, and will continue to do so.

How did Ai Dil Mere happen?

MTV Rush happened while we were working on Bejoy Nambiar’s film David. The song—an electro track—was meant to be a background score in the first episode. I uploaded it online when I got awesome feedback.

Tell us about the process of its composition.

The inspiration for Ai Dil Mere happened at 4.30 am on a Sunday.

You have sung the song as well.

I usually sing the rough track of my songs for shooting. Bejoy liked the way I rendered it and insisted I retain my voice. No regrets now.

How difficult or easy has your foray into a new terrain—Hindi music—been?

Music has no language. That’s something I’ve come to believe in even more ever since Kolaveri Di happened. I don’t deliberately make separate Tamil, Hindi or Telugu tracks.

What is the sound of David like?

It is new and futuristic. Bejoy is such a blast to work with because his taste in music is so similar to mine.

What is your working style?

I make it a point to make a new song everyday. I work whenever ideas strike me, which happens mostly after midnight.

Were you nervous at all about how Ai Dil Mere would be received?

Not at all. I have just turned 21. I have much ahead of me. And I love what I’m doing.

Is the hype about your music overwhelming?

The expectation is overwhelming, but in a positive way. I’m taking it one tune at a time.

How do you choose your projects?

The script is the deciding factor. If I think the movie would work and help me to explore my knowledge of music, it’s a ‘yes’.

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