April 05, 2020
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Anil Kumble

The ace cricketer opens up on his book of photographs, Wide Angle

Anil Kumble
Anil Kumble

What does Wide Angle mean to you?

It is all about candid moments, mostly off the field and my passion for photography. It is a collection of memories of over 20 years. 

Why did you choose the medium of pictures?

I have always believed photographs speak a thousand words. I wanted to bring about what the team does in its off time and how players do team-building exercises. 

What is essential for good photography?

You need a lot of patience and commitment. You also need good equipment.

Which is your favourite picture in the book?

The lightning bolt over Johannesburg and Sachin raising his bat after reaching his 35th hundred at the Feroz Shah Kotla.

Amidst hectic schedules and tension on and off the field—how did you manage?

You just tend to take photos. Later, when you see them you know the exact emotions, the hurt felt after a loss. Sometimes, they urge you to perform better.

As a photographer, what has been the most exciting destination for you?

The Caribbean, South Africa and back home the jungles of Karnataka.

Whom do you dedicate your book to?

It is for my teammates and my father. He would have been really proud of it.

How do you strike a balance between cricket, photography and family?

Invariably, most pictures have been taken when the family and/or the team are around.

Has your love for wildlife photography been instrumental in you being made the vice-chairman of your state wildlife board?

Possibly yes. I have an interest in conservation which also has been instrumental.

The word’s been around for some time now that politics is on the cards for you.

No, I am not interested at all! I am interested in the responsibility I have been given and in making a difference there.

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