July 08, 2020
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Anil Kapoor

on the controversy over the national film awards

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Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor
Has the controversy furthered your cause?
Yes, in a way. Isn't it always nice to be in the news?

How has it helped Pukar?
This is now an international news and a lot of people are inquiring about the film.

Do you think the national awards could be rigged?
I don't know. But who stands to gain by rigging it? At least in the popular awards by magazines etc there is something to be gained.

How do they gain?
See, these award shows are big entertainment events which promise the magazines megabucks.

So, are they rigged?
Why not? These things happen.

You say that the national awards are not rigged as nobody gains from it?
All I care is that I'm honoured. And I feel I deserved it.

Is the controversy motivated?

Which is a bigger honour—a Filmfare award or this?
The national award.

Did Boney Kapoor put in a word on your behalf?
No. He's too busy for all this.

Do you think these national awards are a bit pseudo intellectual?
Yes. There is a clear underestimation of Bollywood talent.

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