April 07, 2020
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Andy Munro

The director of Munro Acoustics has designed private studios for music legends like Sting, U2 and Coldplay.

Andy Munro
Andy Munro

What role does a studio designer play?

He ensures the studio is sonically and aesthetically pleasing. The job involves sound engineering and architecture.

What changes have occurred in Indian and western film industries?

People thought it would take 10 years for digitisation to settle, but it happened in 10 months, even in India.

Are musicians technically sound?

Nowadays they are. Also, musicians would like as the final output the sound in their head.

You have done rock tours, built studios for news houses like BBC. What do you prefer?

They work in different spectrums of sound altogether. But I’m interested in any sound.

Is manipulation of voices and tones ethical, according to you?

Everything is make-believe in cinema! But talent is inversely proportional to studio manipulation. And the end product may still not work.

Is sound engineering a good career option?

Unless you have something unique to offer, it’s difficult to survive.

How much time does it take to design?

I can walk into any bare space and tell if it can be converted into a studio or not in 10 seconds.

Are there any strict no-nos or best locations?

Building on residential premises is tough; old warehouses or industries like the Blue Frog are the best nowadays.

How did your unusual background help?

As an engineer, knowing maths and physics helped me grasp sound and acoustics. Acc­uracy is important...in London a pub can be shut in five minutes if sound levels aren't permissible.

Your experience with A.R. Rahman? Is he the finest?

He is talented in both technology and music. He can hear his composition, in its complexity, in his head and is technically sound to execute it well.

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