April 08, 2020
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And Now, The Stellar Eclipse

And Now, The Stellar Eclipse
Nowadays there’s more action outside the cinema theatres in Kerala. Producers and actors have been slugging it out and grabbing the headlines. It all started with The Film Chamber, an organisation of producers, distributors and theatre-owners, banning superstars Mamootty and Mohanlal from producing TV programmes or acting in them. Not just that, they also banned them from giving interviews on the small screen. Both stars own TV software companies.

Not satisfied with announcing the ban, the Chamber cracked down on upcoming star Dileep and has banned him from films for five years. The young star stoked the producers’ anger when he filed a case against one of them for issuing him a cheque that bounced. The producer was arrested.

The actors and film technicians have, meanwhile, been vocal in their protest. The producers say that they were forced to take such extreme measures because TV was cutting into the film market. Last year only 60 films were produced. Down from the 150-160 films produced in earlier years.

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