May 30, 2020
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And Also

And Also
And Also

Sports Tip
Shooting Fitness

Abhinav Bindra, India’s first Individual Olympic gold winner bade adieu in Rio. Both the mind and body are engaged in rifle shooting. It’s true that it demands fierce concentration. But equally important is strength and cardio training. To negate an over-kyphotic thorasic spine for holding the heavy gun extended from body, rowing exercises to pull the scapula back seem perfect. For strong shoulders, dumbbell front and lateral raises along with overhead press are great. The front of the core needs stability to hold the gun. Plank variations are ideal for this. Low heart and breathing rate are linked to increased concentration. Long, slow 30-45 minutes cardio runs will lower heart rates. And with yoga poses like bow pose, child’s pose etc, shooters can tame the mind.

Chinmoy Roy, Strengh & Conditioning coach

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