August 02, 2020
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Anand Patwardhan

On his new documentary film War & Peace

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Anand Patwardhan
Anand Patwardhan
Why this film?
India's nuclear tests in May '99 was the main provocation. Luckily, the anti-nuke movement caught on.

Isn't the Tehelka Tapes episode a distraction?
No. Corruption is at the heart of it all. In the name of Hindutva you have the RSS man making money. These people are not interested in national security.

What is communalism's relationship to war?
Religion is used to foment patriotic feelings. First they do Gujarat. Then they move on to international territory.

How did you have Raja Ramanna make uncharitable comments about war in the film?
I cannot give my secrets away. I'm only exploiting the democratic space available.

How is this film different?
It is my most personal film. I am constantly haunted by the horrors of a nuclear holocaust.

Aren't you in danger of being called unpatriotic?
It is to prove my nationalist credentials that I made it into a very personal film.

How do you finance your films?
My films are financed by myself. Even if I was offered money, I will refuse.

Have you faced any trouble in getting the film screened?
It was to be screened at NY Museum of Natural History. But some Hindutva elements got 15,000 signatures.

Have you received any response from scientists?
At first, the BARC was interested, but they backed out when I revealed the criticism of scientists in the film.

The US too figures in the film.
There is an inherent sentiment within us to please America. The nationalist elements feed on this.

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