July 05, 2020
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An OCD Confesses

To make up for my seemin­gly ‘lefty’ un-Brahminical movements, I have had to make an elaborate effort of being ‘right’.

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An OCD Confesses

Because of bowling hundreds of overs of leg-spin since childhood, most of my INS­tincts have been anti-clockwise. I stir the sugar in the cup anti-clockwise. Or the rasam/sambar in the cooking pan. Walk in a park or garden anti-­clockwise. Walk and jog to the left of my partner.

Sleep on the left side of the bed. To make up for these seemin­gly ‘lefty’ un-Brahminical movements, I have had to make an elaborate effort of being ‘right’.

I always put on my right batting pad first.

Always put my foot into the right shoe first—even at a shoe store. And always insert my right leg into the pants or shorts first.

Right sock before the left.

When stepping out of the house always turn right, even if you have to eventually go left! When at a crossroads, literally and figuratively, take the right turn.

Always begin the day with the same music alb­ums—Bal­­amurali Krishna on Monday, Arun Sairam on Tuesday....

Can’t stand any cutlery/utensil lying uncleaned in the washbasin. Wash the washbasin with leftover soap after washing the utensils.

Clean/dust window panes and showcases with kitchen napkins. Rearrange all furniture so that the alignments are correct. Move wall hangings even in other people’s houses so that they are properly aligned.

Place all pillows in their rightful places after reading the papers. Cut my nails, polish the shoes, clean the toilets every Sunday in the same order. Hang my belts in the same order in the wardrobe.

Never hold the rails when climbing up an escalator.

Use two finger bowls at a restaurant!

Have to have a clean desk before leaving for home.

Always end every meal with curd rice, even if you have had champagne and caviar.

Fold soiled clothes into the suitcase while travelling (and hoping Rahul Dravid does too).

Read newspapers in the same order every day. Open a strip of tablets without tearing off the wrapper.

Drink exactly the same number of coffees every morning and afternoon.

 (As told to Pritam Sengupta)

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