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Ali Zafar

The Pakistani pop star on his Bollywood acting debut in Tere Bin Laden

Ali Zafar
Ali Zafar

In the film, your character is stopped from entering the US. Did it ever happen to you?

Fortunately not, but I remember having problems with immigration in 2004. Had I entered New York without getting registered, I would’ve been deported for life.
Do you see it happening now that you’ve done this movie?

Why should it? America believes in freedom of speech and expression, doesn’t it? Besides, there’s nothing in the movie that would offend anyone. It’s just intended to make people laugh.

Is Tere Bin Laden your ticket to Bollywood?

Well, this is my first movie and if it does well it may be the first step towards a lot more in life.

Do you think Bin Laden has the sense of humour to appreciate this satire?

I honestly think if he saw it with compassion and if he really wants world peace, he would enjoy this movie.

Pakistani musicians are more successful in India than Pakistani actors. Which route do you see yourself taking now?

Why not take both? I like to carve my own way and make my own space rather than follow what already has been done.

Ullu da pattha...what comes to mind when you hear these words?

Some politicians.

So who is the real Ullu da pattha—Bin Laden, the Americans or South Asians who want to go to the US despite being unwelcomed?

Of all the questions I’ve encountered regarding the film, this is the most interesting. But you’ll have to search for the answer in the movie.

Is this your first acting experience?

I’ve done TV serials, sitcoms and theatre.

You turned down a role in Khuda Kay Liye.

I had to let go of it because of date issues.

Are there any other films in the pipeline?

Under discussion.

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