July 04, 2020
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Alex Kuruvilla

The MTV India MD on the launch of their line of fashion clothing, MTV Style

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Alex Kuruvilla
What kind of market do you see for mtv Style?
Two days after the launch in Bangalore, there was nothing left on the shelf. That's a flying start.

How are the clothes priced?
Affordability is the key. We're looking at 23 cities and 700 outlets, so we are very bullish.

From music to fashion, does MTV have the expertise to crack it?
So was the television market. We know it's tough which is why we've partnered with the best. We have two strong partners who understand the business very well.

Are there other areas mtv plans to diversify into?
No. The centrepiece of our brand is on air but we hope to build a 360-degree brand. We want our audience to live and breathe the channel.

When will MTV India launch its dotcom in India?
We're working on it. mtv.com is a premier site in America. Any interface with youth, and we'll go and grab it.

Since it's driven by the youth, has the Internet eroded mtv's viewership?
Absolutely not. Penetration of the Net is too small right now. The cable and satellite universe is growing at a phenomenal level. The two will co-exist.

But it is the favoured medium of Generation X...
Newspapers were meant to be wiped out by TV. That is still to happen.

MTV is being criticised for becoming a non-stop Chitrahaar. Is it true?
Non-stop block of hits is a small portion of the channel. For us, even the promos are part of the entertainment. The channel's defined by what we call an mtv idea.

And what is that?
The heart is driven by music. It must be Indian in its heart. The youth here leads a schizophrenic life and are comfortable with it so we keep that in mind.

Despite being in India now for several years, the name MTV still has negative connotations. Comment.
We're celebrating and being irreverent about our street culture. mtv India programming is being exported to England. Some of our promos are running in New York. Our philosophy is that it's cool to be Indian. How can that be negative?

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