July 06, 2020
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Ajay Jadeja

On the court ruling lifting the ban on him from playing cricket

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Ajay Jadeja
Ajay Jadeja
What does this lifting of the ban mean to you?
A freedom to go back and play cricket as I've always wanted to.

How difficult do you think is your road ahead now?
I will have a tough time. I wasn't even allowed to play a league match.

Are there vested interests working against your return?
I wouldn't comment on that as it is still a legal issue.

Missing out on the World Cup, how painful is that?
I am a sportsman and I've learnt to take things in my stride.

Is retirement an option now?
Someday it will be, but certainly not today.

Your team-mates didn't stand up for you, did that hurt?
It takes all kinds of people to make up the world. Some stood by me and some weren't to be seen around. At least, in times like this you realise who your friends are.

Is it time the system's overhauled to protect player interest?
Until the players themselves get together, we cannot blame anyone else. It is the cricketing fraternity that must overhaul itself before we point fingers at others.

The BCCI is the sole arbitrator of the game. How bad is it for the game in the country?
Monopolies are good for no one. Even more so when it involves representing the country in any field.

What about films?
Cricket's always been my priority. But I will certainly fulfil all the commitments I have already made.

Do we now see a mellowed down Jadeja on the pitch?
I wouldn't like to change. I'm happy the way I am and I will continue to play the game the way I have always enjoyed it.

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