January 19, 2020
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"I'd have loved to be..." A column on the alternate aspirations of celebrities

I was a very good teacher. If I wasn’t an actor I’d probably be educating someone. I’ve always been good at explaining things. I’ve also been very responsible. We had this group called the Timepass gang in our building and I was responsible for organising all their activities. I used to coach my brother and sister all the time. I’d teach French and maths to my younger sister Farhat.

I used this as a weapon and make my siblings run errands for me in return. Farhat would get mad when I’d order her about but she had no choice. I’d threaten not to teach her when the exams would be approaching. That would make her do whatever I wished for. I was always very fond of books, still am. And I loved solving things like the Rubick’s Cube. I’d want to get better at it all the time. Here too I’d use Farhat. I’d ask her to time me. She’d do it for a while, then get bored and would want to run away. But I’d tell her how I’d soon set a world record and would acknowledge her help when I’d be given the award. That made her come back like a lamb and help me all over again.

(As told to LK)

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