December 13, 2019
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"Travelling gives me a tremendous sense of freedom. New places, new life." Pankaj H. Shah CEO, DuPont South Asia

As a professional for 28 years, I feel you can enjoy your best afterhours only if you delegate responsibilities. I do that with pride. As a result, on 99 per cent of the occasions, I do not carry work back home. Nor does my cellphone ring once I am out of office. In fact, it has not rung outside my office in the last six months. This helps me to spend quality time at home. And not just myself, I sincerely believe every person must spend quality time with family members and stop thinking about office. I enjoy my time with my wife (since my children are not here) and often go out vacationing with her. I love travelling. The seashore fascinates me.

So do some of the world’s highest mountains. New places, new life. Travelling gives me a tremendous sense of freedom. I am not much into reading—fiction or other stuff. On the contrary, I can do very well with an excerpt of a book! I often sing—I have a good voice, my colleagues can vouch for it. K.L. Saigal is my favourite (Jab Dil Hi Toot Gaya). And those are my best afterhours because then I am truly myself. In every sense of it.

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