August 10, 2020
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Affirmative Action In South Africa

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Affirmative Action In South Africa
  • Goal: All sectors of society should reflect its racial composition
  • Targets for Black ownership of businesses fixed for every sector
  • By 2014, 25 per cent of the mining business should be in Black hands, as also 60 per cent of managerial posts
  • By 2014, 30 per cent of agricultural land should be in Black hands
  • Nearly 89 per cent of micro, medium and small business are in Black hands
  • No quotas in universities, but they strive to reflect the racial mix
  • In 10 years, enrolment of Blacks in universities has shot up from 24 per cent to 53 per cent
  • Quotas to raise Black participation in organised sports from seven per cent to 20 per cent
  • Quotas in cricket discontinued last year. In provincial rugby teams eight out of 15 places reserved for Blacks.
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