March 21, 2020
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Adoor Gopalakrishnan

On his new film Nizhalkkuthu, releasing abroad in January

Adoor Gopalakrishnan
Adoor Gopalakrishnan
How was IFFI 2002?
It was the same as before. The positive thing was the government's effort to put up a film bazaar and also get to know what is new in film technology.

Is it good that Bollywood is being legitimised?
Only Bollywood cinema seems to matter to the media and the government. As if it is the whole of Indian film industry.

IFFI 2002 missed your film. Venice, Toronto didn't. Why?
The film was completed late in August. I could not meet the deadlines.

How was your film received there?
Invitations are still pouring in. London, Nantes, Pusan and Rome in November alone. The film is being released in France and Switzerland.

In early January next.

The title of your film is a little confusing. Why?
Nizhalkkuthu means 'Shadow Kill'. People take it for the familiar Nizhalkkoothu which literally means shadow dance. I borrowed the title from a Kathakali act in which Duryodhana engages a sorcerer to do in the Pandavas. Avoiding any direct confrontation, he kills their image and thereby the original too.

What can the aficionados expect?
It is about a hangman in the '40s Travancore and the moral dilemmas of then. It has a degree of timelessness.

Are Indians wary of your films?
Distributors are averse to anything not on the trodden track.

Where is Indian cinema going?
Now commercial cinema has ambitions of being part of festivals. This is a good sign. Inbreeding has been the bane of our popular cinema.

Is television the answer?
My films are shown in theatres. I am not dependent on TV.

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