December 13, 2019
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Adi Ignatius

Adi Ignatius is the editor-in-chief of the Harvard Business Review

Adi Ignatius
Adi Ignatius

India is not growing very fast. Why are you here?

If you are like me, coming from the US, 6 or 7 per cent growth looks pretty good!

You know, Indians are frustrated about the economy, poverty and policy paralysis...

But their frustration comes from the belief that the economy could be 3 percentage points better off if these problems were taken care of.

Aren’t all developing countries in the same boat vis-a-vis lopsided taxes, corruption?

They are. Probably developed countries as well.

So, why is the critical gaze of western journalists always on India?

I’ve spent a lot more time in China. As far as I can tell, it’s far more corrupt. India has regulatory problems, but I don’t think they are worse.

What one thing is likely to impact business in India most in 2012?

In a funny way, I think the health of the US economy will affect India most.

Are you going to meet with politicians during your trip here?

Yes, a couple in Delhi. Mostly to get a sense of Indian economic conditions and prospects.

What was the first thing that struck you about being in India?

The traffic. And the energy—the productive economic activity going on here. I’ve been here four or five times before.

Can politicos sort out the issues India faces?

As an outsider, I can say that politics can solve the problem but you need an active population to press them on.

How was it to move from a general-news magazine to a business audience?

At Time, I had 4 million subscribers, but never met them. HBR readers, conversely, are actively engaged, passionate and knowledgeable.

And the famed Time editorial meetings?

I miss the editorial meetings where everyone had something to say, particularly the discussions on foreign policy.

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