April 05, 2020
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Above The Rest?

The Congress manifesto has nothing good to say about its rivals

Above The Rest?

On Regional Parties: "By their very nature, regional parties...can never rise above local ethnic considerations.... They incite narrow linguistic or ethnic sentiments. Very soon, these agendas become a recipe for economic disaster and social turmoil.... In the event of a conflict between national and regional or local interest, regional parties will choose the latter to the detriment of India as we know it and cherish it." The manifesto mentions three parties by name the TDP, the AGP, and the Shiromani Akali Dal.Not the RJD and the Samajwadi Party.

On the Left Parties: "The Left Front has ruined West Bengal that was one of the premier industrial states in the country prior to 1977 (when the Left came to power in the state). Most industries are sick and obsolete. New investment is a trickle. Doublespeak is (the Left's) characteristic. It opposes all sensible policies in Parliament but its state governments try to attract new businesses from abroad and other parts of India.... The law and order situation is particularly bad (in the Left ruled states).... A cadre raj has been established destroying the established administrative machinery."

On the Janata Dal: "It is a collection of disparate groups and embittered individuals driven by egos. It can hardly be called a serious political formation.Like an amoeba, it lives on splitting itself into smaller and smaller groups. Its platform of social justice is...just a misleading cover for the practice of divisive caste politics."

On the BJP: "We must warn the people of this great and freedom loving country that fascist forces capture power through democratic processes at the initial stage.... The RSScontrolled, VHP driven, Bajrang Dal influenced BJP is...manipulating democracy to subvert it finally.... The RSS and the BJP are the exemplars of the politics of hate.... The similarities with the Nazis of the 1930s are striking. The campaign methods are similar. The slogans are similar. The approach to winning support from the educated is similar."

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