January 22, 2020
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Aamir Raza Hussain

The meveric theatre director wonders why controversies never leave him alone.

Aamir Raza Hussain
What are you doing in bombay?
Producing the The Legend of Ram...

Why do you find yourself in a controversy again?
I fail to understand whether I seek controversy or it is controversy that seeks me. Anyway, I have got used to it.

Has your choice of a venue in Bandra upset people?
The allegation stands on flimsy grounds. What the f*** do accusers mean by saying that it will cause dust pollution? One Congress legislator says that there will be traffic problems. Doesn't Bandra have enough traffic already?

Is The Legend... a great play or a mere visual spectacle?
It is a great play as well as a visual spectacle. The fact that it is visually appealing doesn't take away from the inherent theatrical qualities.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest once, No Sex Please, We are British another time. Why do you keep dabbling with all forms of theatre?
Each play is different, yet they are the same according to my concept of theatre.

How do you define 'your concept'?
Each play should have the merit to be called a great show. I believe in just two kinds of theatre: good and bad.

Are you expecting a Kavita Nagpal this time?
I hope I don't come across one. That's the least I can hope to stay away from.

The huge expenditure in all your plays—is it an allegation or a fact?
That's not an allegation. It is a fact. If I get the right kind of sponsors, if my tickets are highly priced, and if I still get full houses, what is wrong?

But what about getting the wrong kind of audience which is mostly the sort that watches you but keeps away from theatre otherwise?
Who told you that? And besides, I make theatre for the people. So, if they come to watch my plays, it is a great honour.

Could you tell us just how 'amir' you are?
Yaar, lots of money is spent on the plays, not on me. I think I am the only person on this side of the world who survives on theatre. But I don't ride a f****** Mercedes. I still move around in a battered old Fiat.

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