January 24, 2020
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A Cop-Meets-Pimp Story Unspools

A Cop-Meets-Pimp Story Unspools
That politicians manipulate police transfers is well known. But in Maharashtra a coveted posting comes with a price tag and a network has emerged of touts who fix transfers. The racketeering is so rampant that the Maharashtra ips Officers Association has passed a resolution condemning the nefarious means used to corner key posts.

The resolution, also submitted to the home department, refers to the "attempts by certain members of the service to use extra-departmental and questionable means to secure for themselves desired postings". The resolution further says this goes against "service ethics and traditions of the cadre" and has severely impacted the "morale and reputation of the service".

Former DGP Arvind Inamdar confirms the use of money power: "The use of political clout to lobby for posts is nothing new. Now for the first time in Maharashtra, high-level posts are being made available for money." The going rate for a dcp’s transfer is over Rs 20 lakh.

But it’s not as if this malaise is limited to the top brass, it’s prevalent among junior and middle-rung police officials as well. Considering how entrenched the phenomenon is, it’s a wonder the association even passed the resolution. It was apparently pushed by junior officers. Many senior officers deliberately absented themselves. But once the issue was raised, it refused to die down. There were heated discussions about the rampant "dalalgiri". Mumbai police chief M.N. Singh, who heads the association, says the resolution was meant more as an introspection for those in the service.

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