February 19, 2020
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A Booby-Trap City

A Booby-Trap City
In Andhra, blasts are usually associated with the Naxals. In Hyderabad, however, it’s different. Manufacturing units, working with highly explosive material, completely disregard safety norms, rendering the city vulnerable to accidents. On November 25, a deafening blast shook Kukatpally on the outskirts of Hyderabad following an accident at Indian Detonators Limited. Seven employees at the plant were killed and half-a-dozen injured. For the residents of the suburb, it was a providential escape. It follows a string of similar accidents in the city. This October, a dozen people died when a firecracker shop in Begum Bazar caught fire. A few weeks later, there was an explosion at the Nuclear Fuel Complex. Officials claimed there were no casualties or radioactive leaks. Meanwhile, the Kanchanabagh suburb, housing the Indian Defence Research Labs, has already had a couple of narrow escapes. The latest was in January 2002 when a missile accidentally went off at the Bharat Dynamics plant. Who needs Naxals?
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