May 30, 2020
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A Bikini Bod In Wedding Season!

In this winter wedding madness, has vanity kissed sanity goodbye?

A Bikini Bod In Wedding Season!
Illustration by Sorit
A Bikini Bod In Wedding Season!

In this winter wedding madness, has vanity kissed sanity goodbye? Are those extensive five-day functions making you groggy, bloated, heavy, dull and lethargic the next day? Have you been loading your plate with more than you can handle (pun intended)?

Force-feeding is the norm at weddings (and at most family functions). Masiji’s sole job is to ensure that your plate is always heaped with rice, roti, exotic salad, kababs, rolls, pasta, and of course, gulab jamuns, rasgullas and halwa, not to mention ice cream and brownies. But what is your job? To eat a little bit of everything? How smart, na? It ensures that everyone is happy and that you don’t overeat. Ostensibly, this may seem smart, but eating a teeny weeny bit of everything confuses your palate and hampers your stomach’s ability to fully digest, absorb and assimilate nutrients from the food.

Below are listed five ways to protect both yourself and your stomach from this atyachar:

  1. Most weddings are late-night affairs. By the time you get down to eating, it may already be 11 pm. Have dinner at home an hour or two prior to leaving. This way, you won’t overeat.
  2. Don’t eat sweets and desserts at every party. Plan dessert days beforehand.
  3. Would it really be so bad to just say no? If anything, the look on your aunt’s face will make for temporary amusement.
  4. Check out the buffet spread before grabbing a plate. Mentally note the food that interests you. Allow yourself two to three items and savour them.
  5. If there is a fourth—or fifth—item that tempts you, go close to the dish and whisper, “Not tonight baby, I will make it up to you next time, I promise.”

(Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s latest book is called Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha)

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