July 25, 2020
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A Baker’s Dozen For Babasaheb

Despite his standing as the father of the Indian Constitution, few know more of B.R. Ambedkar beyond the obvious. Pranay Sharma tests your knowledge with this 13-question quiz.

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A Baker’s Dozen For Babasaheb
Illustration by Saahil
A Baker’s Dozen For Babasaheb

  1. Which Indian ruler helped Ambedkar with a scholarship to study both in Bombay and later abroad?
  2. Ambedkar was a trained economist. What was his dissertation on for the Master’s degree at Columbia University?
  3. How many degrees did Ambedkar receive from Columbia University?
  4. Among the professors of repute who taught Ambedkar in Columbia, one kept in touch even after he left. Can you name him?
  5. What was the name of Ambedkar’s first wife? And what was so unusual about the venue where his wedding was held?
  6. How many children did Ambedkar have and how many survived?
  7. What was the name of the first political party Ambedkar floated when he returned to India?
  8. When was the first time Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi met and how much did the latter know about him?
  9. What was Ambedkar’s portfolio in the Viceroy’s executive council?
  10. Ambedkar was one of the most prolific writers among political leaders in his time. How many books, monographs and speeches did he write?
  11. Annihilation of Caste, based on a 1936 speech he could not deliver, is now a well known book. Can you name at least two other major books written by him?
  12. Which year and where was Ambedkar’s major paper on caste titled, Caste in India, Their Mechanism, Genesis and Development, written?
  13. Who described Ambedkar as a “Scotch-American”?

Email your entries to letters@outlookindia.com; The first three all-correct entries will get a prize

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