Monday, Aug 15, 2022

73% Say Inflation More Important Than Nuclear Deal

73% Say Inflation More Important Than Nuclear Deal

Outlook GfK-Mode opinion poll in 6 Metros on the nuclear deal
73% Say Inflation More Important Than Nuclear Deal
What do people make of the present controversy and political drama over the nuclear deal? Do they think the deal is in the national interest? To gauge public perceptions, research organisation GfK-Mode conducted a poll for Outlook in six metros (Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai). In all 1,217 respondents were surveyed in the six cities. The poll revealed that while a majority supported the Congress stance on the deal, most felt rising inflation needed to be handled as a more immediate issue.

Was the Left justified in withdrawing support?

Yes 43%
No 53%
Don't know/ Can't say 4%

Do you think the UPA government will be able to prove its majority in the Lok Sabha on the nuclear deal?

Yes 51%
No 39%
Don't know/ Can't say 10%

How has the N-deal controversy affected Manmohan Singh’s image? Would you say it has…

Improved 45%
Worsened 35%
Not changed 20%

Do you think the nuclear deal is in the interest of the country?

Yes 59%
No 35%
Don't know/ Can't say 6%

The Congress–led UPA government last week decided to go ahead with the Indo-US nuclear deal, prompting the Left to withdraw support. Whom do you support on the issue?

UPA 56%
Left 40%
Don't know/ Can't say 4%

The Congress is now wooing other parties for political support for the deal in the Parliament. Is it right in doing so?

Yes 57%
No 40%
Don't know/ Can't say 3%

Which is the more important issue for the government— controlling inflation or operationalising the nuclear deal?

Controlling Inflation 73%
Operationalising the deal 23%
Don't know/ Can't say 4%