In Hindi there’s a saying: “ek se bhale do” (better two than one). The director duo of Shant­anu and Sheershak disproves that

Starring: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sonal Chauhan
Directed by Shantanu and Sheershak
Rating: *

What will you do if a trip is messing up your happiness? If time off is increasing stress than helping you relax? Well, you’d get the hell out of the holiday spot and head back home. Which is precisely what Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan don’t do. Had they done it, the film 3G would have ended at the very start and we would have been spared two precious hours used up in viewing the film.

3G betrays the viewer in another way too. The marketing for the film played on how Neil had taken over the mantle of the serial kisser, from Emraan Hashmi, by smooching the heroine the maximum number of times. Thirty was the much publicised count. I added up—from pecks to French—and barely reached the figure of six by the intermission. And then lost interest. But one thing was clear: Neil had certainly not set a shockingly high new record.

The film begins with Sonal traipsing on the beaches in a two-piece with a very self-conscious “look maa, I am wearing a bikini” attitude. Soon she is joined by boyfriend Nitin whose mobile gets dro­wned (literally!) and he is forced to pick an alternate—a second-hand, 3G-enabled smartphone. Though am still wondering why he couldn’t get himself a brand new phone when he could afford a holiday in a fancy Fiji resort. Very conveniently, the haunting soon begins through the phone—MMS of a woman being killed, strange figures, calls and sounds. Then the bhoot enters the scene but the couple still can’t get rid of the phone, even when they throw it in the ocean or break it to pieces. It’s sure as stu­rdy as my Nokia E63.

Neil keeps alternating between the sweet and the sinister. Sonal knits her brows and looks puzzled when she is not wearing the bikini. When she is wearing it, she doesn’t wear any expression.

After the ghastly, oops, ghostly build-up, the makers, obviously, couldn’t figure out how to take it forward to the climax, so after some mumbo jumbo, tattoo art and references to Auro Boro clan, it’s all’s well that ends well. In Hindi there’s a saying: “ek se bhale do” (better two than one). The director duo of Shant­anu and Sheershak disproves that.

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