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Issue Date : 05 March 2001


The Etiquette of Revolution

His lifestyle may have been spartan, but his spirit and scholarship were generous


Three Men And A Party

CPI(M) might be reluctant to admit it, but the formation of PDS could mean an electoral jolt


Buddha Is Not Laughing

Dissidence is an irritant, but an energetic CM wins many admirers


An Epitaph of Lost Words

A telling instance of Hindi's impoverishment by the English fetish


The Forgotten Village

In the urban Indian's mind the village has been reduced to "a statistic"


An Alien in Time

Stirring indictment of souls caught between rustic memories and urban existence



Do publishers read for pleasure? It seemed rather like asking a busman if he likes to drive away for the weekend. But busman's holiday or not, what publishers seem to do when they want to get away from all those manuscripts, solicited or otherwise, i


Bull's Eye

It was the break of dawn. The courtyard door rattled. Bharat opened the door and let the sweeper in. "You didn't come yesterday," Bharat said coldly. ...


Sensus And Sensibility

Census 2001 departs from norm: it's more sensitive on gender, socio-economic issues


Silence of the Lambs

The media's job is to report truth. Is there a dearth of calamities that we have become party to invented hooliganism?


The Intangible Bhuj

It'll be all too easy to erect anew a city to carry the name Bhuj, but sans the spirit of the original. We don't need a soulless replica.


Trigger-Happy Texans

The 70-odd sanctions imposed under the Clinton regime gave Bush a golden chance to give US foreign policy a new face. Regrettably, he has blown it.


New Kitchen, Fresh Broth

Party satraps from Madhya Pradesh dominate a new-look CWC, forcing senior leaders to hunt for a stronger platform


Rigging The PMO : South Bloc

It's not a level playing field. The business of governance is subverted by a group of industrial houses.


'We Could Soon Become a Banana Republic'

"One of the Hindujas rang me at 10 pm. I told him it was late; he asked if he could call next morning. I told him I didn't keep a diary next to my bed."


The PMO Responds


The Rain Trappers


A Win In The Palm

Anti-incumbency is a cliche. But it could spell redemption for the Congress in the Kerala and Assam assembly polls.


The Structures of Control

Post-Gujarat, the government is firmly pushing a Bill to monitor the engineering community

Art & Entertainment

Such A Long Journey


A Bill To Conquer

If dreams came true, Bud get 2005 could be a different piece of paper altogether


Femmes Fatales

Eve-teasers run for cover as university girls take up self-defence


Schizoid Sleuthing

The agency set up to probe Sriperumbudur is turning out to be a handy political tool