Thursday, Mar 30, 2023

The annual monsoons inspire poets and thinkers, bring joy to millions of people and sustain India’s agrarian economy. But monsoon-triggered floods also kill hundreds of people each year, devastate swathes of farmland and bring untold misery across states. What makes the rains both beautiful and terrifying?

Issue Date : 18 July 2022


Singing Frogs & Sinking Roads: Experiencing The Monsoons In Smalltown Bihar

In those simpler times, bullfrogs croaking to monsoon rains were an unending cause for entertainment and curiosity that is sadly lacking in the big city.


Monsoon In Nagaland: Dust In The Wind, Mud On The Ground

It is this same dust that found its way to Nini Lungalang, an extraordinary Naga poet who wrote Dust, a poem that delicately and powerfully invokes in 40 sparse lines, the historical and sociological contours of the Naga world.


A Dirge For Monsoon: It Doesn’t Rain Like That Anymore

Rain brings the wet smell of earth pervading the house and the dampness of the pages of the book being read. An introspection on the effect of rain on amplifying simple everyday experiences, from reading, listening to ghazals, and eating certain foods to even one’s physical appearance.


Monsoons And The Interpreter Of Melodies

The Indian season of rain is made for music and merrymaking and mating, in that order.


Monsoon In Northeast: How Climate Change Is Affecting Rainfall

In the Northeast, where it rains round the year, the arrival of the monsoons barely registers in the psyche of the people. Not this time though.


Dam It! Altering River Flow Does No One Any Good

Due to lack of operational rules and effective warning systems, dams are actually aggravating floods


‘Rains Are Different For Those Who Experience It, And For Those Who Observe It’

Monsoons are the life of nature. They might evoke a sweet thought, a texture for the artist, deep-fried pakoda for the olfact­ory senses, kadak chai as a faithful companion. But for many in India, rain brings nothing but fury.

Art & Entertainment

Rimjhim Girey Saawan: How Monsoons Make A Splash In Indian Films

Unlike world cinema, where rains relay a perceptible fact, Indian cinema uses rain as a manifestation of inner truth and vivid emotions.


Drenched In Music: Indian Monsoons Birth Melodies And Freedom

In India, the monsoon is not merely yet another season, it’s a cultural phenomenon. And it is of matchless historical importance in the world of Indian music.


Floods In Bihar: The Rain Speaks To Us, But Are We Listening?

Stories become more believable though, when told in writing by one of the greatest Hindi writers Bihar has ever produced. Phanishwar Nath Renu documents the flood of 1967 and other stories of water in his remarkable nonfiction 'Rinjal Dhanjal'.


Ecstasy And Agony: A Contradiction Called Monsoons

This issue is an ode to that raindrop. There are stories from that place called ‘inside out’, where absence and presence collide and become a song of love and loss. That’s what the rains do. They make us see.


Monsoon Magic: Time To Sing, Recite And Listen

From soft-focus romance to lament and critique, there’s a poem about the rain for every mood.


Moody Monsoon: When The Rains Don't Heal The Pain

Rains give life. But not even the most tenacious lives are the same. And they all begin from fragility. Our bodies, delicate as eggs, are stepped over by life, leaving their mark in pain.


Before The Rains: A Tale Of The Two Cities Of Anantapur

Once, as the fable goes, the rains stood up the people of Anantapur. Maybe the monsoon died in transit. That's when people tried the age-old practices of enticing water-ridden clouds.


A Matrix Of Varied Realities Through The Lens Of Bangladeshi Photojournalist Shahidul Alam

An exhibition explores the emotive world of Bangladeshi photojournalist and activist Shahidul Alam’s photographs. Some of these photographs are haunting while others capture glimpses of a world that exists but often remains unseen.


Artist's Diary: Art Is A Process, A Journey And A Blessing

Mumbai-based artist Manish Nai whose works have been exhibited worldwide says, 'I don't think of any message that art might convey. Any message the onlooker might interpret out of the art is a blessing. '