Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Bulldozers are power to some, but crush the lives of many others

Issue Date : 16 May 2022


Demolition Diary: 'If I Am Illiterate Today, It Is Fault Of The Government'

A 15-year-old Mumbai slum-dweller describes life after his house was razed during a demolition drive


Photo-Story: Kickstarting A Dream

The slums of Vikaspuri, on the far western outskirts of the National capital, are witnessing a silent revo­l­ution -- girls are making the football talk


Book Review: Pages Of Nostalgia

A new book examines the popular 20th-century perceptions as documented in Hindi novels of four authors who were also political activists, and interprets their retellings of history through the radical lens of literary representations

Art & Entertainment

Love Is A Many-Splendoured Thing

Sudarshan Shetty’s immersive art installation Age of Love throws up various theories and queries about love


Other Political Prisoners Have Suffered More: Jignesh Mevani

Gujarat Congress MLA Jignesh Mevani recounts those ‘nine days’ when he was arrested twice by Assam Police


Crushing Dreams And Livelihoods

The recent demolition drives in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh were ‘acts of malice’ by an insensitive administration


Selective Demolition: When Jammu’s Gujjars Faced The Demolition Squad

The issue is not of ‘land jihad’ or Hindus versus Muslims, but between the tribal community with no power and influence and the administration that prostrates before the powerful and the influential


Demolishing Homes Of Poor And Minority Bulldozes Human Rights

When the Constitution and every law in it insists on due process, even for a murderer, can bulldozers and excavators be used to teach a lesson to someone the ruler deems an offender?


Courts Backing The Executive On Demolitions Is More Painful

Judges calling slum dwellers ‘encroachers’ goes against constitutional human rights and indicates the sorry state of the poor


Demolition Politics: In Rajasthan’s Alwar, Even The Sacred Is Not Spared

Successive BJP and Congress governments have been accused of razing temples in Rajgarh, leading to a political slugfest between the parties


Crushing Claws: How The Bulldozer Turned Into A Political Tool

The monster machine is now being deployed to construct the perception of a tough leader, an urban legend, which gets intensified with monikers like Bulldozer Baba and Bulldozer Mama.


Tentacles Of Power

For the last 40 years, Delhiites would have heard now and then that the tony Sainik Farms with heated swimming pools and mini golf courses—where top politicians, bureaucrats and industrialists spend their weekends—will be razed soon


The Shair’s Last Sigh

Urdu publishing stares at a bleak present—of poor quality paper, printing, binding, packaging and no marketing. But most of all, it craves for readers.


Covid Migrants Stranded At The Crossroads

Legislating social security for migrant labourers is essential, but for these to be helpful, State and society need to develop a migrant-friendly attitude


Patna’s Glorious Past Is Being Erased As Heritage Buildings Face Demolition

Bulldozers are ramming through the vibrant and rich architectural heritage of the city, which was at the centre of international trade during the 17th century.


The Maws Of Justice: Demolishing The Principles Of Natural Justice

Legal experts say politically motivated demolition drives threaten rule of law and principles of natural justice


Bulldozers In Mumbai: The Capital Of Crushed Dreams

How Mumbai has become the city of demolitions and redevelopment projects that never take off