Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The horror movie as a separate genre has long been a favourite of cinephiles. Why is horror such a fascinating subject? The current issue of Outlook looks at horror and its various manifestations.

Issue Date : 18 April 2022


Ghost Diary: Journey To The World Of Spirits

For the most part the world of spirits is judged to be a bad thing. Think black magic, evil spirits trying to possess people.


Fear Of The Dark: Life As A Ramsay

Like many small businessmen in post-Partition India, Fatechand Uttamchand Ramsinghani was drawn to the film industry. And Ramsay Films was born.

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The Witch’s Tale: Women In Indian Horror Films

The ghost as the empowered woman is a new theme in Hindi horror movies

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The Horror! The Horror!

The genre has never taken root in Bollywood. Maybe because real-life horrors are enough to give us sleepless nights.

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A Shadowy Hand: Kashmir’s Tryst With Horror

Hallucinations? Fear? Rumours? In the Valley and beyond, people keep finding threats from the unknown

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Meet The Desi Ghostbusters

With its overload of superstition, myths, ghosts and evil spirits, the Indian market for ghost hunters is niche. But social media may have finally given it wings

Cover Story

Of Aflatoons And Djinns

Bad djinns may offer fodder for films, but it was through the help of good djinns that the author saw aflatoons produced from thin air

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Fatal Attraction: In Horror, Our Lives Are Redeemed

The landscape and setting of a story often set the tone in literature and cinema dealing with horror

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The Horror Of The Haunted House And Lonely People

Lonely, alienated people and haunted houses are two of the most distinct tropes of the horror movie. And sometimes the twain do meet

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How OTT Turned Into A Game-changer For Horror Movies

From a pale woman clad in a white sari to eerie sounds of ghungroo coming from a distance, the genre of horror in Bollywood has mostly been similar, though OTT promises a brighter future

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Horror As The Theme Of Our Lives

In a post-apocalyptic world, with a war playing out on our handheld screens and bodies dumped on the streets, with mindless consumption ravaging our planet, the zombies have taken over

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Brothers Grim: When Indian Horror Was The Ramsays Genre

Indian horror was once all about sleazy movies from the Ramsay stables. It’s now seeking to scare the audience with better fare.

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An Allegory Written In Blood

“How was your day?” I ask my wife as if I can still ruin it...

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Skin-Deep Scary: The Cult Of Sleaze As Horror

Hindi horror movies of the ’80s were meant to titillate. Anyone scared in the process was purely incidental.

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Resident Evil: The Zombie Apocalypse In Goa

Goans in denial continue to feast on their own flesh as they continue to invite their own doom and convert their tiny, unique state into zombieland

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The ‘Spirit’Of Filmmaking

A film director uses characters playing ghosts in two films to voice political issues he believes in strongly

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The Ghost As A Metaphor In Bengali Cinema

Bengali cinema has a rich tradition of ghosts and spirits, though, unlike in Bengali literature, most of these are benevolent or funny and rarely scary