Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Issue Date : 24 January 2022


Diary | Love In College: Jab We Met, And It Was Magic

To be a college student in love in a small town presented its own set of problems. Not the least of all is the sheer lack of any privacy in a small place where everybody seemed to know everyone.


'Auctioning' Of Muslim Women Is Symptom Of A Cancer That's Crippling India

Working women are seen as threats to the patriarchal social set-up and, therefore, are hated by those men who see their power and privileges being eroded.


City Of Djinns

The past is being erased. And the present reshaped. Can Delhi survive the spear through its heart?


Her Palace Of Dreams

Rani’s palace of dreams is gone. But next to her tent is a small hill. On it are a few idols of gods and goddesses. Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi.


Sketches From Memory

A poem by Huzaifa Pandit who teaches literature at the Islamic University of Science and Technology, Kashmir


Lament Of Separation: Songs Of Habba Khatun, Last Queen Of Kashmir, Still Echo In Valley

In happy times and sad, Habba Khatun’s sensuous songs make both young and old emotional. With the never-ending conflict bringing tragedies to every doorstep, Habba’s lyrics of separation amplify their mourning.


Friends Without Benefits: Decoupling Is A 21st Century Ddea Whose Time Has Come

Effectively, decoupling is the dissolution of a marriage in the conventional sense, but with a twist. For it to work, a lot of social, psychological, economic and judicial thought has to go into it.


I, Me, Myself: Indian Women Pushing Back Against Social Narratives To Be Single

Why does patriarchy, as upheld by men and women, insist that 'our' women must ultimately find their fulfilment through marriage and motherhood?


Play Us A Memory, Violin Man

They say the violin mimics the human sound. In his case, it was that of love, of longing. He didn’t know any other way of loving.


December White

Everything that we do as an act of love might be tinged in various colours, but the base note is imbued in white.


War Against Love: Bogey Of ‘Love Jihad’ Ignores Ways Of The Heart

The bogey of ‘love jihad’ goes way back to Kanpur in 1924 when a Muslim administrator was accused of ‘seducing’ a Hindu girl and forcing her to convert.


Love In The Crosshairs: Honour Killings Still Continue In India

Though there has been a sobering effect on khap panchayats in recent years, killings in the name of honour continue in India. The Indian Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure sections are insufficient to deal with these murders.

Art & Entertainment

An Affair To Remember: Bollywood’s Tryst With Romantic Love

Bollywood’s tryst with romantic love has oscillated between the sublime and the ridiculous.


You Are Making My Grey Glow

Love is a responsibility that matures you, and if you are in love, you cherish the greying.


How Indian Laws Govern People’s Right To Love And Live

In India, only those relationships between a man and a woman are considered to be legitimate when there is a marriage between the two.


Indians Still Tied To Age-old Social Prejudices In Matters Of The Heart

Younger people do not have much progressive beliefs; a 2017 survey found that one-third of young people opposed inter-caste marriage.


‘Laab’ In The Mountains

He would take his colour, brushes and canvas outside to paint and talk with his love. He would stand close to the window and paint, keeping an eye on his muse.


Total Eclipse Of The Heart

'This week I was traveling from Goa—and a fellow-traveler asked me if she can use mine...' Smita Nair, a journalist, recounts an incident to tell how gifts make their own journey