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Issue Date : 22 October 2018

Making A Difference

When ‘Justice’ Trumps

Whipping up sentiments by using ‘victimhood’ helped Trump weather the Kavanaugh storm

Making A Difference

Gas And The Greater Game

Indian diplomacy during Putin’s visit was masterful, but defence cooperation alone cannot sustain the relationship—more economic content is vital


Sabarimala: Restrictions On Women A 'Recent Phenomenon'

Sabarimala Temple's newfound popularity is said to have provoked the first formal restrictions.


Humpty Dumpty Economy

The Indian economy seems to have entered the red zone. And the causes aren’t all global.


Star Hush Inc: As #MeToo Rages In Bollywood, It's Time Top Actors Speak Up

The #MeToo movement now has given the film industry a chance to clean up all its Augean stables, with or without the support of its big daddies.


#MeToo | Is There A Need To Draw A Line?

There lies a cautionary tale embedded within the massed armour of charges—silences, selectivity, and perhaps questionable motives


Women Remember, Men Don’t

For men, there seems to be no concept of mind, body, and soul when they are with a woman. There is just the concept of body.


We Should Keep The #MeToo Story Going: Sandhya Menon

Outlook speaks with journalist and writer Sandhya Menon—who called out prominent journalists for sexual harassment in the wake of the #MeToo wave.


#MeToo | Men Should Realise No Means No

Bollywood, comedy, and most damagingly, industry after industry says #MeToo to guilt and complicity, it’s time organisations refuse consent to the predatory culture


Love By Any Other Name

Freed from Section 377, India’s LGBTQIA+ community is facing the world with head held high

Making A Difference

Train To Tibet

A journey through the Sky Road is the best way to enjoy the region’s stunning landscape

Art & Entertainment

One Shot, One Location, One Actor: Bimba Redefines Fast Track Film-Making

Shot in just 90 minutes, new Kannada film Bimba redefines fast track film-making


Uncertain Poise: Opposition Unity May Foil KCR's Poll Plans

The arithmetic of Opposition unity has challenged KCR’s initial confidence of bagging more than 100 of the total 119 assembly seats.


Leeway To Ladakh: Kashmir Sees Political Message As Leh Gets More Autonomy

For most people in the Valley, the empowerment of the councils is but an exten­sion of their own aspirations for greater autonomy, which lies at the heart of the Kashmir issue.


A Scrimmage Amongst Challengers

Scandal and discontent consume BJP’s Bengal unit


Between Azaan And Ashtami

As Mamata vigorously accepts the BJP’s communal challenge in Bengal, she falls afoul of her old allies


Leave! This Land Isn’t Your Home

An infant’s rape allegedly by a migrant and local rage over joblessness trigger an exodus from Gujarat


The Subcontinental Menu

In this week's The Subcontinental Menu, read about a Colombo physician who was beaten up by his wife with a broomstick and a Justice in Bangladesh who is on the run from law, among many others.


Tezpur Diary

A journalist's diary from remote Assam pocket Tezpur.


Deep Throat

A regular column on the essential buzz


Muck And Dung In Furioso

Like Ambedkar, Bagul rudely tears off the romantic veil from villages and depicts a ruthless system of exploitation, indignities and hopeless rebellion


All The President’s Faults

Avoiding the ways of gossipy Trump-watchers, Fear uncovers the style of an impulsive president, his eager toadies and the few ‘adults’ who did say nay