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Malevolent: Badly Drawn Mama’s Boys

Town squares have become battle zones for women. There isn’t even a language to express remorse. Is there a larger social failing?

Pragya Singh
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Unruliness defined the onset of 2017 in Bangalore. Policing issue? Yes, but that’s not all.
Ajay Sukumaran
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"None said 'I have been molested'", Bangalore City commissioner of police says starting point needed for the police to swing into action.
Outlook INTERVIEWS Praveen Sood
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Radio cab services have failed to be safe for women
Arushi Bedi
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Barring a few exceptional cases, disclosing identities of victims of sexual crimes is necessary in India, say experts
Ushinor Majumdar

The Familial Psychopath

Bangalore molesters were only doing their best as ‘worthy’ sons

Ashis Nandy
Manohar Parrikar has a golden opportunity-- dismiss all the daal-dealing officers so that they don’t grow big to steal aircraft and warships...
Rajesh Ramachandran
Valley Killings
Why the J&K legislator from Mawar mourned for a ­policeman and a militant, both from his village
Naseer Ganai
UP Assembly Polls
The BJP’s aggressive push has boosted efforts by the ­Congress and the SP to hitch their poll wagons together
Bula Devi
UP Assembly Polls
In UP, the BJP banks on a ‘second Modi wave’, hoping the demonetisation shake-up will break its 14-year jinx
Bhavna Vij-Aurora
Waiting For Trump
The bogeys in Trump’s rants—Hispanics, Muslims and Blacks— await his time with apprehension
Saif Shahin
Former Indian cricket team captain Dilip Vengsarkar on how cricket blooms like an oasis in springs in Dubai...
Dilip Vengsarkar
Contrary to government claims, workers and farmers are bearing the brunt of the crash crunch
Lola Nayar
Bitcoin, a global alternative to cash, has gained currency after demonetisation
Arindam Mukherjee
Two months after demonetisation, a look at what the radical economic exercise changed and what is left to be paid attention to
Srivatsa Krishna
Change Of Guard
TCS’s miracle man, Natarajan Chandrasekaran, is the new chairman of Tata Sons
Arindam Mukherjee
Indian skippers have clung on to power, then faded away. Dhoni seeks to join the exceptions—Sachin and Dravid.
Qaiser Mohammad Ali
Hindu Burial
Burying the dead is a Hindu tradition too—surely in south India. Jaya’s burial ritual sparks fresh discussion.
Ajay Sukumaran
There will never be a clear settlement to the age-old arguments about Dhakai and Calcutta cuisines. But Kasturi certainly holds its own in the heart of Calcutta...
Satish Padmanabhan
Something utterly real and ordinary, and yet something volcanic. Om Puri was a scale to judge the craft of acting by.
Prachi Pinglay-Plumber, Dola Mitra
Self-focused, yet altruistic, the actor gave his best
Shyam Benegal
The Insider
A regular column on the essential buzz
The speedy aggregation of market, nature and technology befuddles us all, says Friedman
Pranay Sharma
A new biography of A.B. Vajpayee doesn’t miss a beat, but relies heavily on secondary material
Ashok Kumar
Rich in symbolism, Kire’s story, resonant of her Naga roots, has the pellucid quality of folktales
The film producer and BAFTA nominee, on her latest release, Haraamkhor, and dealing with the Censor Board.
Stuti Agarwal Interviews Guneet Monga
An honourable Svengali and his Mujib-speaking protege ply their trade in liberated Bangladesh. Imam weaves a hyper-realistic tale of tragedy, farce, idealism and power.
Outlook in Rewind
10 Years Ago
Even in the still and serene surroundings of his 2,000-acre estate on the Sahayadri slopes in Chikmagalur in the Western Ghats, Ashok Kuriyan can feel the hustle-and-bustle and the pace of the Indian economy. At Balanoor Plantations, the "feelgood" factor has gripped every worker, including its MD Kuriyan. After all, despite a huge rise in input costs, it netted a cool profit of Rs 30 lakh this season, compared to a "no-profit, no-loss situation" in the previous one. "If we had not got the Rs 25 lakh subsidy last year, we would've been in serious trouble," says Kuriyan.