Cover Story
By combining cuteness, nostalgia and Augmented Reality, Pokémon GO has taken over the world
Stuti Agarwal, Siddhartha Mishra

Cover Story
All that is there to know about Pokémon GO

Augmented Reality takes a springing leap ahead as Pokemon fans scurry about for monsters
S. Shyam Sundar
A dishonourable killing Qandeel Baloch, 26, was Pakistan’s “first genuine social media star” with a million Facebook followers.
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A Jet Propelled By
Don Ibrahim
An exclusive extract from Josy Joseph’s book on Dawood's hold over Indian business and the questionable rise of Jet Airways

Josy Joseph

Sanatan Sanstha
With the left-behind kin of Sanstha members taking on the outfit, will those allegedly behind Pansare and Dabholkar’s murders finally be put out of action?
Prachi Pinglay-Plumber
Abhay Vartak, spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha, which has been charged with the Dabholkar and Pansare murders on the ways of his creed
Outlook Interviews Abhay Vartak
Former Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan on the Sanatan Sanstha and its banning
Outlook Interviews Prithviraj Chavan
A brutal public beating of Dalits by gau rakshaks in Una sets off protests across Gujarat—the BJP feels the heat
R.K. Misra
Kashmir’s battered newspapers reflect the ground reality
Shujaat Bukhari
Political Favours
When it comes to personal favours, rival politicos have a ‘mutual understanding’
Tendulkar's willingness to allow brands to exploit his “highest civilian honour” proves that Mammon can blind even a Master with the keenest of eyes
How an autonomous TV channel created to project vox populi from the ranked benches of Lok Sabha was brought under the govt’s thumb
Dhiraj Singh

The chatter around Jayant Sinha losing his perch in the ministry of finance isn’t dying down. According to a source, the conflict of int­erest charge against Sinha’s wife Punita Kumar Sinha centres on the Canadian investment firm Fairfax India Holding.
Terror In Nice
The blood in Nice only seems to presage a deeper entanglement yet
After the failed coup, the purge. Turkey’s president, Erdogan, shows a heavy hand.
Pranay Sharma
Only one Indian author has won the Nobel for literature. Trinidad and Tobago, with a population of a little over a million, has achieved this feat twice.
Bhaichand Patel
Anti-Muslim Remarks Spark Off Twitter Debate
Muslim-baiting, it would seem, has been rising at an alarming rate in different parts of the western world, with each ISIS terror attack.
Rupee Notes
Right-wingers lead a crowd who want Gandhiji out of rupee notes. They have their icons ready.
Pragya Singh
Mundra: The Port
Of No Call
Neither the state govt nor the Centre, neither the UPA nor the NDA, has acted against Adani Port’s depredations

Arindam Mukherjee
A novel on the ravages of terrorism fails on account of insipidity
C.P. Surendran On The Association Of Small Bombs By Karan Mahajan
A satire on the way the fate wind blows in small towns with no hope.
Anjana Basu On Tram 83 By Fiston Mwanza Mujila
For stepping outside the margins of fiction and taking up the very real issue of climate change
Margaret Alva, who worked under four PMs and was governor of four states, talks in her autobiography, Courage & Commitment, about her journey as a politician
Bula Devi Interviews Margaret Alva

The Reviews
Overpopulated by a cast of delightfully daffy animal characters and a visual quality that’s pure eye candy.
Deepa Gahlot
The script ventures into didacticism and dishes out a moral that makes women’s empowerment look like a social inconvenience
Dola Mitra
The Marathi adaptation of the Broadway play A Few Good Men
Prachi Pinglay-Plumber
Upamanyu Chatterjee becomes a full-time writer at long last, the Snowden-Roy-Cusack conversation in book form and why A. Raja's book plans are shelved for now

The BCCI’s Augean stables will be cleaned. These men made it possible.
Qaiser Mohammad Ali
In his gritty tussle with BCCI, Verma had a little help from friends
Qaiser Mohammad Ali
The SC verdict has its origins in the joint PIL of these two trailblazers
His conflict-of-interest accusations threw a clearer light
Delhi Art
The Falling leaf project is a compilation of works by students of the College of Art, New Delhi, derived through the collaborative efforts of artist Adw­ait Singh.
An honourable Svengali and his Mujib-speaking protege ply their trade in liberated Bangladesh. Imam weaves a hyper-realistic tale of tragedy, farce, idealism and power.
Outlook in Rewind
10 Years Ago
Even in the still and serene surroundings of his 2,000-acre estate on the Sahayadri slopes in Chikmagalur in the Western Ghats, Ashok Kuriyan can feel the hustle-and-bustle and the pace of the Indian economy. At Balanoor Plantations, the "feelgood" factor has gripped every worker, including its MD Kuriyan. After all, despite a huge rise in input costs, it netted a cool profit of Rs 30 lakh this season, compared to a "no-profit, no-loss situation" in the previous one. "If we had not got the Rs 25 lakh subsidy last year, we would've been in serious trouble," says Kuriyan.