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Independence Day Special

Issue Date : 25 August 2014


It’s Not About The Numbers

There is a broader—and deeper—meaning to democracy. Part of that ideal is the idea that every tessera in the mosaic can sparkle.


The Quest And The Questions

The Constitution is armoured with the ‘basic structure’ doctrine, so it will be insurmountably difficult to establish a Hindu Rashtra


Minority Rules

The dissenting judge is a powerful voice


Common Cause

Forget BJP, the Congress must curb its communalism


Project History

This is the stage where all Muslim tropes live

Making A Difference

“It’s Shocking India Is Siding With A Rogue State”

The editor-in-chief of Rai al-Youm on the Israel project and the massacre in Gaza.


To Draw A Line

Saudi challenge: Wahabism in a new neighbourhood


The Cult Of Us

Rajapaksa’s Sri Lanka stubbornly excludes minorities

Making A Difference

“Muslims Pose A Threat In Sri Lanka”

General secr­etary of the Sri Lankan ultra-nationalist Buddhist organisation Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) on charges of being the mastermind of many anti-Muslim riots


Still Afester

Partition has been exposed as a bad idea, since ’47

Making A Difference

“Be Very Wary Of The Cult Of The Strong Leader”

The emeritus professor of politics at Oxford on the importance of dissenting voices


Delhi Diary

Because leftists have allegedly distorted how we interpret the past, it does not mean the PM should give encouragement to beliefs which are laughable.

Art & Entertainment


Usual slapstick, loud and hammy acting, cringingly incorrect humour and corny lines.

Art & Entertainment

Shubhendra Rao

The Delhi-based musician is keen to introduce music education to every child in India.


Eating At Tihar’s Court

No, the food bears no semblance to the runny yellow dal and coarse rice that goes for jail food in Bollywood.


Seven Days

The states of the nation: news, headlines, gossip, rumours, things we learnt


Overwhelming Down The Ages

A historical walkthrough of how majoritarianism has made appearances in idea and practice....


Asuras? No, Just Indians

A common Gondi and a venerable Ravana will hopefully forge a Gond cultural identity


The Majority Is Hungry

In 2012, student groups made a dietary—and political—demand: beef on the menu



Will the majoritarian project subvert the very democratic tradition that has brought the BJP to power?


The Mappila Songs

Malappuram, carved out for a religion, now holds a key to Kerala


Sachin Tendulkar

I shall return to the House, sign my name and hope my arrears will be paid with retrospective effect and without any cuts


No Grainy Images

TRAI moves to put media houses in order