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BN Goswamy (August 15, 1933-November 17, 2023)

In Remembrance Of Art Historian BN Goswamy

At 90, BN Goswamy's presence was precious and prescient. He left us, as if, while listening to Kumar Gandharva’s self-composed bandish in raag Shuddha Shyam.

02 December 2023
Rich Heritage: Nomads have built the foundation of human civilisation since the beginning of time

'Chakmak', An Ode For The Uprooted

A valuable addition to the literature that documents the lives of the Banjara community, this collection is sharp and it cuts deep. Like poetry should do.

26 November 2023
UNDP tents in Gaza

Poetry As A Chronicle Of Conflict

Here are three poems chronicling conflict through the years. The poems are about Iraq, the Occupy Wall Street protest, and every deadly war waged since WW II.

26 November 2023
San Cajetan Church, Old Goa, India

Book Review: 'Monsoon' By Vimala Devi

In 'Monsoon', the narratives of the author, Vimala Devi, assume importance in the societal moralities in which 'she' lives as it has a huge impact on her writings.

12 November 2023
 Book Review: 'Western Lane' By Chetna Maroo

Book Review: 'Western Lane' By Chetna Maroo

Chetna Maroo’s Western Lane is an exacting portrait of a grief-stricken family

09 November 2023

Nostalgia Of Superhero Comics And Single-Screen Theatres

These memories of those times are precious to us. We are now living in abundant times where everything is so accessible and so dispensable. The joy is certainly not as much as it used to be when we went to watch films in...

05 November 2023

Poem: We Are All Cutuas

Cutua, a pejorative term used by Hindu communalists for Muslims, was used in the Indian Parliament recently by Ramesh Bidhuri while addressing Danish Ali. This poem has been written in response to Bidhuri speech.

04 November 2023
Photo: Getty Images

Book Review: ‘The Devil’s Flute Murders’ By Seishi Yokomizo

Seishi Yokomizo’s narrative is extremely detailed and he takes his time in letting the story unfold, travelling back and forth in time as required by the exigencies of the plot. He takes the reader through the...

04 November 2023
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Book Review: The Hauntings Of Colonial India

The stories in Bithia Mary Croker and Alice Perrin’s ‘The Dread of Night: Supernatural Encounters From the British Raj’ are based on the world they saw every day, an India of dak bungalows, deserted bungalows in hill...

28 October 2023
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Book Review: Abir Bazaz’s ‘Nund Rishi’ Explores Life And Times Of Kashmir’s Sufi Mystic Sheikh Noor-Ud-Din Noorani

Abir Bazaz’s book ‘Nund Rishi: Poetry and Politics in Medieval Kashmir’ delves into the life and works of 14th-century Kashmiri sufi mystic and poet Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani, commonly known as Nund Rishi or...

28 October 2023
Art and Artist: A drawing made by Haya Tuma (right)

From Partition To Nakbah, Memories Of Home

From childhood memories to national identities, Sophie Ernst’s book HOME explores what the idea of home represents to people who have been forced to leave their homes behind. It also deciphers how artists, filmmakers and...

20 October 2023
The Light At The End Of The World

Book Review: The Light At The End Of The World

In the tangled web of intrigue and conspiracy theories, one glimpses a majoritarian nation taking shape

15 October 2023

Tragedy At Lamhi: Fading Legacy Of Munshi Premchand At His Birthplace

In a dance of contrasts, where historical significance intertwines with urban negligence, Lamhi tells the tale of cultural heritage under siege, and the erasure of a village’s cherished connection to its literary luminary....

14 October 2023

Cautionary Tales: Passages From Dystopian Novels Over The Years

Animal Farm to The Hunger Games, passages from dystopian novels over the years

12 October 2023

Book Excerpt: Goa < 2075

The ‘Beautification and Upgradation Drive’ was one of the earliest directives by the Corporation aimed at altering the visual characteristics of Goa-aah, to transform the state’s landscape to picture-postcard beauty.

11 October 2023
A view of the admiralty and the stores of the East India Company in Pondicherry

Revisiting French Colonial Pondicherry Through Poems

Sonali Chandra writes about Arjun Rajendran's 'One Man Two Executions' for Outlook.

08 October 2023
Artwork By Anupriya

Words Of Her Own: Indian Women Writers Give Voice To The Voiceless

Indian women writers have bravely choosen to tell the tales that were suppressed or silenced by the dominant narrative

30 September 2023
Illustration: Chaitanya Rukumpur

Of Deities, And Other Women In Karnataka

Excerpted from Another India: Events, Memories, People by Chandan Gowda (Simon and Schuster India, 2023.)

30 September 2023
Victoria Amelina (1986-2023): The funeral ceremony that was held at the monastery of St Michael in t

'Please Do Not Give Me Shelter, Give Me Your Hand': A Poem From Ukraine

Ukrainian poet and writer, Victoria Amelina, died recently from wounds inflicted by a Russian missile strike in the East Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk

24 September 2023
A Moment to Cherish: Nabina Das with Jayanta Mahapatra

Jayanta Mahapatra: Legend To The World, JM To Me

The love and compassion one encountered in poet Jayanta Mahapatra’s company are legendary. The luminary who passed away last month has left behind the undying zeal for life

17 September 2023
From Mills to Malls: Participants at the Abandoned Histories Poetry Crawl

Breathing And Walking In The Poetic Breeze Of Bombay

Reading verses of poets who trained the lens on erstwhile Bombay during poetry walks provides a new dimension to understanding their work.

16 September 2023
Role Model: Manjamma’s art and activism are an inspiration to many

Brave New Rhythm: A Transgender Folk Artist's Journey To Padma Awards

Padma Award winner Manjamma Jogathi vows that it is her art that has taken her all the way from a remote village in Karnataka to Rashtrapati Bhavan

04 September 2023
Literature and Life: Illustration from Devdutt Pattanaik’s book Shikhandi: And Other Tales They Don’t Tell You

Trans Lore: History Of Transgender Representation In Indian Scriptures

The mention of trans-people in various mythologies is proof that ancient people had a refined understanding of gender and sexuality

04 September 2023

Book Review: The Trail Blazers

This fascinating collection of profiles of Indian women leaders is a good place to start a study of the growing space for female politicians in our democratic system, especially where it matters most—at the grassroots

03 September 2023
Nisha Rathad, 20, covers her face as she stands in front of her house

Book Review: The Peacemakers

The Peacemakers is a piece of literature conscious about the social reality of today’s India

02 September 2023