June 18, 2021

Yubaraj Ghimire

  • Tempered By Democracy
    Tempered By Democracy

    While Delhi bends over-backwards to keep Prime Minister Prachanda happy, the man himself is already sinking...

  • A Tenuous Calm
    A Tenuous Calm

    Outside forces can, at best, only facilitate processes, it is the internal actors who will have to move...

  • Raise The Red Lantern
    Raise The Red Lantern

    Ex-USAID worker and Maoist rebel supremo? Deconstructing the myth that is Prachanda.

  • Cloak & Kukri
    Cloak & Kukri

    Nepal is a complex tangle with the King, India and Maoists making deft moves Updates

  • The RSS In Nepal
    The RSS In Nepal

    A Hindu preacher's killing brings to fore the tension between different Hindu groups

  • The King's Red Doppelganger
    The King's Red Doppelganger

    Maoist supremo Prachanda does a Gyanendra-like purge in his own ranks, the king can only benefit Updates

  • Oxygen Burning
    Oxygen Burning

    Maoists lift their economic siege of Kathmandu, but its troubles aren't over yet Updates

  • "I'll File A Complaint With The UNHRC"

    The man puts forth his side of the story after being sentenced to life imprisonment by the Kathmandu district...

  • Charlie's Devils
    Charlie's Devils

    Charles Sobhraj is nabbed while on a life and crimes revisited trip to Nepal. Another life term looms.

  • Return To Bloodshed
    Return To Bloodshed

    The Maoists have, no doubt, acquired power and a certain status through the barrel of their guns. But they...

  • Next Door Boor
    Next Door Boor

    Yashwant Sinha does the SAARC round while angry neighbours resent India's superpower-like vibes

  • 'The Top Maoists Are In India'
    'The Top Maoists Are In India'

    The Nepalese Prime Minister hopes to make sure that India doesn't become a safe haven for Maoist leaders, who...

  • Precipice On The Far Left
    Precipice On The Far Left

    The tide turns against the Maoist insurgents as Nepal mobilises its armed forces

  • A Che Guevara Breaks Out Of T-Shirts
    A Che Guevara Breaks Out Of T-Shirts

    Baburam Bhattarai, Nepal's romantic revolutionary icon, has it in him to trade the gun for peace

  • Blue Pencil, Red Ink & Shades Of Truth
    Blue Pencil, Red Ink & Shades Of Truth

    My arrest is an attempt by PM Koirala to muzzle the pro-active press, says Yubaraj Ghimire

  • Congress On A High
    Congress On A High

    With the setback to the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress mood is upbeat especially after a high turnout of...

  • Rajasthan: Two-Way Battle
    Rajasthan: Two-Way Battle

    Shekhawat's BJP hopes to increase its tally

  • Rumblings At The Top
    Rumblings At The Top

    The Advani-Vajpayee 'feud' comes to the fore with an RSS-inspired manifesto

  • Quiet Takeover
    Quiet Takeover

    Sonia's imprint is evident in the party's selection of candidates and manifesto

  • Sonia's Style Team
    Sonia's Style Team

    Old Rajiv aides chip in to market her campaign

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