September 19, 2020
Yogendra Yadav

Yogendra Yadav

  • The Footsteps Of A Famine
    The Footsteps Of A Famine

    A visit to Bundelkhand reveals a chilling state of affairs—one wrought in equal amount by nature, state...

  • 'Politics Of Letter-Writing'
    'Politics Of Letter-Writing'

    First came an e-mail from Yogendra Yadav, explaining why he quit its PAC, questioning party policies. Sisodia...

  • 'Badge Of Honour'
    'Badge Of Honour'

    The noted academic and now an Aam Aadmi Party member reacts to the HRD ministry sacking him as UGC Member...

  • 'A Dangerous Signal'
    'A Dangerous Signal'

    The eminent academic responds to the HRD ministry notice asking him to explain why he should not be removed...

  • Ethical Cleansing, Not Ritual Purity
    Ethical Cleansing, Not Ritual Purity

    Arvind Kejriwal’s public rift with Anna must not distract us from the necessity of his political foray

  • 'Defence Of Politics'
    'Defence Of Politics'

    'We were shocked to learn that these books were presented in the Lok Sabha as an attack on politics,...

  • 'Our Duty To Dissent'
    'Our Duty To Dissent'

    'We think that the short, heated and not very well informed debate in the Parliament did not do justice to...

  • How To Get It Wrong
    How To Get It Wrong

    There are reasons for the Congress debacle. There are lessons too.

  • The More They (Don’t) Remain The Same
    The More They (Don’t) Remain The Same

    Issues of development and governance would decide the fate of an unpromising BSP, renascent SP, hopeful...

  • Grab The Chance
    Grab The Chance

    Instead of trying to find out how not to respond to the reasonable questions raised by the questions, the...

  • The Us V/s Them Of Quotas
    The Us V/s Them Of Quotas

    Why is there no coverage of protests that a few castes corner the benefits of the existing SC reservations?...

  • Wrong Route, Right Direction
    Wrong Route, Right Direction

    A decision wrongly arrived at need not always be a wrong decision. But the policy as announced does close the...

  • 'Fuel To The Fire'
    'Fuel To The Fire'

    'To outsiders like me it appeared that instead of becoming a vital link in a possible solution, the NKC...

  • An Alternative Proposal
    An Alternative Proposal

    How does one meet the challenge of Mandal II? Is there a way forward where both merit and social justice can...

  • Quota Options
    Quota Options

    The option of a quota for women in the candidate list of parties is not a `dilution' of the Women's...

  • The Alternative Bill
    The Alternative Bill

    Enhancing Women's Representation In Legislatures - An Alternative to the Government Bill for Women's...

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