June 23, 2021

Vijay Nambisan

  • Shanghai Diary
    Shanghai Diary

    Though I can’t communicate except with shrugs and smiles and alien wiles, I feel much less foreign here...

  • We Asked Them For Stories
    We Asked Them For Stories

    You will, woncha? By mid-October? While the goddess is straw still?.... Oh, but to count the bellows of the...

  • This Bird Doesn’t Sing
    This Bird Doesn’t Sing

    For me, Jean Louise Finch will remain a promising child who passed away young.

  • Unsmarting Yourself
    Unsmarting Yourself

    With the same old idiots using it, smart tech doesn’t do too much

  • A Slipshod Savant
    A Slipshod Savant

    Chanakya returns, but unlike Twain’s Yankee, is baffled, wooden and without much agency

  • Tryst With Marlboro Man
    Tryst With Marlboro Man

    Smoking equals hypocrisy. By the state, a moralising West and us.

  • Love’s Labour Misspent
    Love’s Labour Misspent

    This is a book worth reading—once.

  • Circus Maximus
    Circus Maximus

    Watching DD Sports, you may learn about hills, lakes, flowers

  • Fables For The Ghosts
    Fables For The Ghosts

    A stricken identity, the pains of gay love, an unhappy escape, a bleeding homeland: an insightful novel

  • How To Write A Minor Classic
    How To Write A Minor Classic

    Or how a freshly written rags-to-riches story in a global hotspot with love, loss, failure, cynicism,...

  • The Manuscripters
    The Manuscripters

    The ‘varnacular’ of our society’s brand managers merits reading-into

  • Under Kilimanjaro’s Eyes
    Under Kilimanjaro’s Eyes

    A post-colonial tale of a native’s return is alive with Vassanji’s sense of history, and nationalism’s...

  • Aborting The Real Issue
    Aborting The Real Issue

    Why the rage against the Irish government is misplaced

  • Poet As The Battlefield
    Poet As The Battlefield

    Hoskote’s labour of love is pucca on Moraes’s poetry. It’s his facile, ‘correct’ assumptions on the...

  • Sittilingi Diary
    Sittilingi Diary

    Wednesday evening, we had a four-foot cobra, Thursday night a spider as big as my hand, and Friday night a...

  • From Madhouse To Miracle
    From Madhouse To Miracle

    In Kerala, quotas have more than achieved what they set out to

  • Handcuffed In Khaki
    Handcuffed In Khaki

    Why Chidambaram’s exhortation on transfers means little

  • Now, Who Slapped ICL?
    Now, Who Slapped ICL?

    The IPL's blemishes are born of a profit-centric, bloody-minded culture

  • Sanni Earns His Kanji
    Sanni Earns His Kanji

  • No Sex In Gummidipundi
    No Sex In Gummidipundi

    If there's life outside the urban North jungle, Outlook missed it

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