June 23, 2021

Venu Menon

  • Red Rain And Pouring Doubts
    Red Rain And Pouring Doubts

    The state's season of freak geological cases continues: after collapsing wells, it's now red rains

  • Patients As Guinea Pigs
    Patients As Guinea Pigs

    Allegations of unethical clinical "experiments" on cancer patients in Kerala is raising a storm

  • Arabian Night
    Arabian Night

    Arab grooms abandoning local Muslim brides leave behind a social debris in Kozhikode

  • Empty Fist Meets Empty Head
    Empty Fist Meets Empty Head

    For Bombay cinema, it's native exotica—like adding a dash of pepper to jaded fight scenes. But a martial...

  • Split Infinity
    Split Infinity

    On the surface, the transition was smooth, but the churning before could be an indication of greater turmoil...

  • Kerala: All Quiet on Congress' Turf
    Kerala: All Quiet on Congress' Turf

    As of now Karunakaran will endorse Sonia Gandhi's choice for Chief Ministership - Antony

  • Reverse Swing
    Reverse Swing

    Both contend with chronic dissenters. But the UDF has history on its side.

  • Personalities, Not Issues
    Personalities, Not Issues

    With wafer-thin margins, caste and community will be the deciding factor, yet again

  • Day Of The Jackal
    Day Of The Jackal

    The Karunakaran-Antony spat might ruin the field for the UDF

  • On A Swing And A Prayer
    On A Swing And A Prayer

    KERALA: Strength of the house: 140

  • Sleeping With The Evil
    Sleeping With The Evil

    A direct result of Indian polity or a devil despoiling our lives, it's a plague we must deal with

  • A Win In The Palm
    A Win In The Palm

    Anti-incumbency is a cliche. But it could spell redemption for the Congress in the Kerala and Assam assembly...

  • The Shimmering Mirage
    The Shimmering Mirage

    It's been a seesaw. But the arrest of a close Veerappan associate brings some firm hope.

  • Politics By Wrote
    Politics By Wrote

    If there is one block that our politicians don't have, it's the one that usually plagues writers

  • The Unholy Spirits
    The Unholy Spirits

    Kollam's liquor deaths point to a murky politician-cartel-cop nexus

  • Season Of Bad Blood
    Season Of Bad Blood

    The RSS' minority-baiting is a double-edged sword-coerce minorities and blackmail the BJP

  • Fertility Cove
    Fertility Cove

    A lady lords over the temple rituals at Mannarssala

  • The Reserved Space
    The Reserved Space

    Revisiting the first Muslim woman in India to drive an autorickshaw for a living. Now she wants to be in the...

  • Devils In The Dock
    Devils In The Dock

    A special court convicts 35 for a schoolgirl’s rape

  • People’s Shrine
    People’s Shrine

    Rebuilding an old Siva temple provides new tales of amity

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