June 22, 2021
V. Sudarshan

V. Sudarshan

  • Jam On The Freeway
    Jam On The Freeway

    Sweet ideas aired, sour points deferred. What did the meet gain?

  • Sindbad, The Spy
    Sindbad, The Spy

    Really? Now, that depends on which side of the Indus you live.

  • Another Talk Show
    Another Talk Show

    The joint panel may end up as mere formality

  • Caught In A Tango
    Caught In A Tango

    Indo-Pak anti-terror talks may have lost its wind with the blast

  • Three-Pin Bowling
    Three-Pin Bowling

    Russia-China-India, first portents of a new axis in the making?

  • Is There Life Without A Veto?
    Is There Life Without A Veto?

    India pegs back UNSC dreams to a non-permanent seat

  • Not Much Frisson
    Not Much Frisson

    The much-touted Indo-US nuclear deal may just be our bane. Eminent Indian scientists on how it could affect...

  • A Dogged Pursuit
    A Dogged Pursuit

    Journalists are sceptical and cynical people. Their first reaction is to conclude that what kids read about...

  • Judged Guilty
    Judged Guilty

    A French court indicts him in Rwanda's biggest political murder, envoy cries foul

  • 'We Can Find A Way To Reflect Your Present Positions In Siachen'
    'We Can Find A Way To Reflect Your Present Positions In Siachen'

    Pakistani High Commissioner explains his country's difficulty in authenticating Indian troop positions in...

  • Pocketful Of Posers
    Pocketful Of Posers

    India, China do set a rapport, but move warily on key issues

  • Who Goes There?
    Who Goes There?

    Friend or foe... India assesses what China means for its own place in Asia

  • Look Upward
    Look Upward

    Domestic compulsions dictate the foreign minister's position on Saddam verdict

  • Nothing Is Really Foreign To Him
    Nothing Is Really Foreign To Him

    Pranab Mukherjee's experience in most major ministries will serve him well in South Block

  • This Ship Is Loaded
    This Ship Is Loaded

    How, in '99, India busted a North Korean ship carrying missiles

  • Sour Endnote
    Sour Endnote

    Tharoor went out with a show of petulance

  • A Stiff, Formal Handshake
    A Stiff, Formal Handshake

    India, Pakistan eke out a pact on terror that neither seems convinced about Updates

  • One More For Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
    One More For Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

    The mind boggles at the the kind of surreal conversations to follow: Dawood Ibrahim? We don't know him. What...

  • Are You Still There?
    Are You Still There?

    Post-blasts chill over, India-Pak look to NAM meet to break the ice

  • Their Man In Ottawa
    Their Man In Ottawa

    Ex-Pakistani fighter pilot is new South Asia advisor to Canada's PM

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