July 31, 2021

V. Gangadhar

  • Condensed In Comfort
    Condensed In Comfort

    How does one edit for a magazine whose articles one grew up on? A former editor speaks about working at the...

  • Priyanka Chopra
    Priyanka Chopra

    For most Americans, the FBI is a national institution. It can do anything and get away with it.

  • Kiren Rijiju
    Kiren Rijiju

    I proclaim that as a proud citizen of Arunachal Pradesh I eat beef and other meats.

  • Sabira Merchant
    Sabira Merchant

    The ordeal of teaching etiquette to Indian business delegations and political groups is finally getting to me.

  • S.A.S.T. Laddoowala
    S.A.S.T. Laddoowala

    The laddoo took to electoral politics like duck to water.

  • Narad Muni
    Narad Muni

    I was the first reporter of the universe, covering events single-handedly.

  • Rakesh Maria
    Rakesh Maria

    My own Mumbai police force has an image of its own which is embarrassing to everyone in uniform.

  • TCS Senior Executive
    TCS Senior Executive

    For people like me, words and phrases like promotions, work-related bonuses, raise, stock options have ceased...

  • V.K. Singh
    V.K. Singh

    I have said many many things but the media caught on the one word, ‘Presstitute’.

  • Suresh Raina
    Suresh Raina

    When mamma talks of having ‘fixed’ my career, I feel uneasy. These are dangerous times that we live in.

  • Ujjwal (Biriyani) Nikam
    Ujjwal (Biriyani) Nikam

    The biriyani episode was a brilliant piece of imagination which I can use to start a literary career, film...

  • Nadeem Alam
    Nadeem Alam

    That bloke Shakespeare did not play cricket but proved several points...

  • Nitin Gadkari
    Nitin Gadkari

    'It’s a shark, it’s a whale, it’s the Loch Ness monster...no, it’s that Indian minister Nitin Gadkari'

  • Moin Khan
    Moin Khan

    Despite our playing talent we lack that vital something in the head.

  • M.J. Akbar
    M.J. Akbar

    I wish I had stayed in journalism. I would have blasted the saffronwalas who managed the Delhi polls.

  • Amit Shah
    Amit Shah

    According to blabbermouth Bedi, she lost because her Krishna Nagar constituency lacked clean parks!

  • Page 3 Girl
    Page 3 Girl

    The land of Mae West and Marilyn Monroe will not take our absence lying down.

  • Kiran Bedi
    Kiran Bedi

    I pretended to hate communal politics but now I am one of its leaders...

  • Indian Satirist
    Indian Satirist

    The citizens of Paris ushered in Liberty, Equality and Fraternity by having their guillotine blades polished...

  • Ravi Shastri
    Ravi Shastri

    Of course, it is possible to win a game armed with nonchalance. But you have to be aggressive.

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