June 18, 2021

Urvashi Butalia

  • Inside The Unfree State
    Inside The Unfree State

    A feminist economist holds forth on ecology, agriculture, family, state

  • The Tube Is The Greenest Park
    The Tube Is The Greenest Park

    An unusual novel, written in an almost deadpan, somewhat distant style

  • Why I Love <i>Outlook</I>
    Why I Love Outlook

    I like it for the stances it has often taken, for the stories it carries, I like the fact that it does not...

  • Her Story, I Told You So
    Her Story, I Told You So

    Spare, incandescently passionate, straining conventions, Meena Kandasamy reignites the Kilvenmany massacre

  • Rule Of Misogyny?
    Rule Of Misogyny?

    What, many ask, can you expect of a man who does not even ack­nowledge his wife?

  • What Ashis Nandy Actually Said At JLF
    What Ashis Nandy Actually Said At JLF

    'Our corruption doesn’t look that corrupt, their corruption does.' Transcript of the relevant portion of...

  • Stony Rivers
    Stony Rivers

    Daughters at work: Ira Pande's fluent translation, and her sister Mrinal Pande's afterword, bring the book...

  • Ardour Cooled
    Ardour Cooled

    It’s not clear exactly what, but perhaps it’s the sheer joy of reading Devidayal’s words on music that...

  • Like A Wheel
    Like A Wheel

    The past does not reveal all, much remains elusive, what emerges so richly fills out the picture.

  • Our Dark Spots
    Our Dark Spots

    Joins the growing literature on Partition and adds an important dimension to it: Haryana's Jat community, the...

  • Tight Black
    Tight Black

    Hariharan finally seems to have found the exact tone and language that she is at home in: spartan, elegant...

  • A Self-Portait
    A Self-Portait

    An excellent translation of a delightful story in which the author plays pranks on the characters,...

  • Parallel Lives
    Parallel Lives

    This overtly gentle story hides, as do the histories within it, a subterranean violence, and its denouement...

  • Terms Of Atonement
    Terms Of Atonement

    We need our Munnabhai, a conviction is no bar. His sins are washed away.

  • Spare Particulars
    Spare Particulars

    Told in spare, straightforward prose, history unfolds in small and large ways in this accomplished novel.

  • A Few Stolen Moments
    A Few Stolen Moments

    These stories do not burst upon you with an eclat, for there's nothing to flaunt there, rather they sort of...

  • Galaxy Orders, Stars Obey
    Galaxy Orders, Stars Obey

    Indians are superstitious, sexist—'modern' film actors are no exception

  • Daughter Of The Dust
    Daughter Of The Dust

    It was her agitation for minimum wages in the '80s that's become the RTI campaign as we know it today

  • Strong As An Oek
    Strong As An Oek

    The brave act of creating a heroine who is not stereotypically tall, slim and beautiful. Not an earth-shaking...

  • Colours Of Mehendiyan
    Colours Of Mehendiyan

    It's a curious place: a small editorial office within is home to an Urdu paper. A large open space is home to...

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