June 04, 2020

Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

  • Ominous Signs
    Ominous Signs

    The latest drone strike, and the certainty that there will be others in future, will undoubtedly derail...

  • A Losing Battle?
    A Losing Battle?

    Islamabad is evidently fighting a losing battle with self-inflicted terrorism, and, as its core security...

  • An Addiction To Murder
    An Addiction To Murder

    Does the military and political leadership have the capacity to learn any lessons from the enduring disaster...

  • Skirting Failure
    Skirting Failure

    The world, and the US in particular, is yet to respond unambiguously to the continuing adventurism of a...

  • No Deliverance From Despair
    No Deliverance From Despair

    Relentless military suppression, human rights violations and excesses by intelligence and security agencies...

  • Collective Suicide
    Collective Suicide

    A total of 3,433 people were killed in 215 suicide attacks across Pakistan during the three years since...

  • Conjuring ‘Victories’
    Conjuring ‘Victories’

    Operation Orakzai is yet another instance of Pakistan army declaring victory over ‘terrorism’ which is...

  • Such A Long Journey
    Such A Long Journey

    The latest arrests are further confirmation of the growing counter-terrorism co-operation between India and...

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