June 18, 2021
Tabish Khair

Tabish Khair

  • ‘Dirty Harry’ And Other Jokes That Kill
    ‘Dirty Harry’ And Other Jokes That Kill

    From migrant labour to Sushant Singh Rajput, the arc of derision touches every Bihari, writes author and...

  • That Missing Literary Backbone
    That Missing Literary Backbone

    You can be professional about writing, but you cannot make writing a profession

  • The Bhashanglo Tangle
    The Bhashanglo Tangle

    Questions the Nemade-Rushdie spat raises

  • My Trust Reposed In A Sort Of Decency, In Sainikji
    My Trust Reposed In A Sort Of Decency, In Sainikji

    Modiji, a peaceful, prosperous India must be inclusive; force has its limits and its dangers; and capital...

  • Mystic Mamoon
    Mystic Mamoon

    Kureishi's art stands renewed in this novel, and his language retains its vigour

  • Your Twice-Broken Heart
    Your Twice-Broken Heart

    Diaz is skilful to say the least: electrifying idiom, convincing characters, dark humour, and a nuanced and...

  • Triangle Without Sharpness
    Triangle Without Sharpness

    A volume that will touch you in different ways. But do not open it if you are either prudish or prurient.

  • East Of Aden
    East Of Aden

    Give me a novel—like this one—with something to say, rather than a novel that says precious nothing with...

  • Eastern Sight
    Eastern Sight

    A love story set on a lavish scale, it is a visual delight and a gripping read.

  • Heated Affair
    Heated Affair

    V.S. Naipaul has called Taseer "a young writer to watch." I am relieved to find something said by Naipaul...

  • A Flaneur, A Bomb. But Teekh-Taakh
    A Flaneur, A Bomb. But Teekh-Taakh

    In piquant, masala-encrusted England, a British-Pakistani meets an explosive ideal

  • Non-Fiction

    One has difficulty choosing between books that are interesting but add nothing to what is already general...

  • U-Special

    It is a novel I would recommend to all university students, at least of my generation; it ought to become...

  • Balloonists

    Fashionably racy, it is nevertheless not superficial.

  • Varied Salad
    Varied Salad

    It ranks among the best travelogue-type studies of Muslim societies in recent years

  • Everyman’s Mecca
    Everyman’s Mecca

    Raison d’etre for travel, crucible of history, simple article of faith—accounts of Haj as this merit...

  • Lines That Bind
    Lines That Bind

    A well-knit and illuminating account of Vassanji's various visits to India over a number of years

  • Straightforward Sojourn
    Straightforward Sojourn

    The author's broad sympathies plumb the usual depths

  • Getting Right Her ABCD
    Getting Right Her ABCD

    Jhumpa's writing is perfect. Just that in this kind of fiction, currently all the rage, life is too spelt...

  • Unquiet American: A Monologue
    Unquiet American: A Monologue

    A Pakistan-born Princeton graduate's journey from yuppiedom to fundamentalism

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