June 04, 2020
Tabish Khair

Tabish Khair

  • That Missing Literary Backbone
    That Missing Literary Backbone

    You can be professional about writing, but you cannot make writing a profession

  • The Bhashanglo Tangle
    The Bhashanglo Tangle

    Questions the Nemade-Rushdie spat raises

  • My Trust Reposed In A Sort Of Decency, In Sainikji
    My Trust Reposed In A Sort Of Decency, In Sainikji

    Modiji, a peaceful, prosperous India must be inclusive; force has its limits and its dangers; and capital...

  • Mystic Mamoon
    Mystic Mamoon

    Kureishi's art stands renewed in this novel, and his language retains its vigour

  • Your Twice-Broken Heart
    Your Twice-Broken Heart

    Diaz is skilful to say the least: electrifying idiom, convincing characters, dark humour, and a nuanced and...

  • Triangle Without Sharpness
    Triangle Without Sharpness

    A volume that will touch you in different ways. But do not open it if you are either prudish or prurient.

  • East Of Aden
    East Of Aden

    Give me a novel—like this one—with something to say, rather than a novel that says precious nothing with...

  • Eastern Sight
    Eastern Sight

    A love story set on a lavish scale, it is a visual delight and a gripping read.

  • Heated Affair
    Heated Affair

    V.S. Naipaul has called Taseer "a young writer to watch." I am relieved to find something said by Naipaul...

  • A Flaneur, A Bomb. But Teekh-Taakh
    A Flaneur, A Bomb. But Teekh-Taakh

    In piquant, masala-encrusted England, a British-Pakistani meets an explosive ideal

  • Non-Fiction

    One has difficulty choosing between books that are interesting but add nothing to what is already general...

  • U-Special

    It is a novel I would recommend to all university students, at least of my generation; it ought to become...

  • Balloonists

    Fashionably racy, it is nevertheless not superficial.

  • Varied Salad
    Varied Salad

    It ranks among the best travelogue-type studies of Muslim societies in recent years

  • Everyman’s Mecca
    Everyman’s Mecca

    Raison d’etre for travel, crucible of history, simple article of faith—accounts of Haj as this merit...

  • Lines That Bind
    Lines That Bind

    A well-knit and illuminating account of Vassanji's various visits to India over a number of years

  • Straightforward Sojourn
    Straightforward Sojourn

    The author's broad sympathies plumb the usual depths

  • Getting Right Her ABCD
    Getting Right Her ABCD

    Jhumpa's writing is perfect. Just that in this kind of fiction, currently all the rage, life is too spelt...

  • Unquiet American: A Monologue
    Unquiet American: A Monologue

    A Pakistan-born Princeton graduate's journey from yuppiedom to fundamentalism

  • The Spiral Of Reason
    The Spiral Of Reason

    What's fascinating is how his oeuvre has developed......but without ever losing sight of its main concerns

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