October 24, 2020

Swapan Dasgupta

  • Very Little Left Over
    Very Little Left Over

    Far too long have Rightist voices been stifled—since 1947

  • ‘The Poor And Afflicted’: Vivekananda’s Many Gods
    ‘The Poor And Afflicted’: Vivekananda’s Many Gods

    Much of the life-blood of our freedom struggle doesn’t conform to Nehruvian republican ideals. Swamiji’s...

  • Right Planets In The Old Ken
    Right Planets In The Old Ken

    Overall, this is a book that is original, insightful and quirky.

  • A Half-Turn In History
    A Half-Turn In History

    Ayodhya created the political Hindu, but couldn’t take it further

  • His Hour Of Infamy
    His Hour Of Infamy

    Churchill’s hand fed the appallingly dire Bengal famine. He comes off here as the fevered colonial of a...

  • Shakespeare Baboo
    Shakespeare Baboo

    Pavan Varma’s inveighing against a baleful colonial influence is rooted in the Hindi sphere’s fragile ego

  • The Munshi Of Bartania
    The Munshi Of Bartania

    Victoria’s reliance on Abdul Karim and his misuse of it is seen through the web of a much-mythologised age

  • Prince Gets Spoilt
    Prince Gets Spoilt

    He started sincere, but finally gave in to old party methods

  • A Dud Cuckoo Clock
    A Dud Cuckoo Clock

    The Left got some things right, but every old machine does that

  • Trace Of Wilde
    Trace Of Wilde

    An exploration of the versatility of a free-thinking oddball who rescued 19th-century Calcutta from its...

  • Dharma Cola
    Dharma Cola

    This book's value lies in its attempt to grapple with the prevailing concerns both from a Christian and...

  • Adam's Raj Ribs
    Adam's Raj Ribs

    Clapham's "perspectives", enriched by Mario's inimitable caricatures, capture the enduring romance of...

  • Caligula's Horse
    Caligula's Horse

    I would rather look back on 2006 as the year the UPA government finally came into its own, showed off its...

  • A Surface Encounter
    A Surface Encounter

    A casual journalistic exercise collated into a book. At best, it's a perfunctory reminder to Bengalis that...

  • Pulpit High On Above
    Pulpit High On Above

    Stephanians not only make good babus and diplomats, they also make interesting jholawalas and lapsed...

  • Decade Of Liberal Bondage
    Decade Of Liberal Bondage

    You represent the reprehensible — the ideals I once lived by

  • The State Of The Hindu Movement
    The State Of The Hindu Movement

    The full text of the 'discussion-paper' - 'some reflections on the state of the Hindu movement' that was...

  • Britannia's Thug-Of-War
    Britannia's Thug-Of-War

    A riveting glimpse into the colonial encounter between Empire and bands of robbers

  • A Pilgrimage Of Denial
    A Pilgrimage Of Denial

    Kumar sets out on a journey of discovery, but ends up as the nowhere man

  • What If Netaji Came Back?
    What If Netaji Came Back?

    Had he played his cards well, displayed organisational rigour and ideological flexibility, he may well have...

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