July 28, 2021

Suveen K. Sinha

  • The Dub Foundation
    The Dub Foundation

    The clones have fallen silent. The new wave of crooners beat a different drum.

  • 'Buddha, Jyoti Babu Are The Real Heroes'
    'Buddha, Jyoti Babu Are The Real Heroes'

    "We have to use India's engineering talent base for deepening our penetration into the global market,"...

  • Now, The Big Fight
    Now, The Big Fight

    Half a dozen new channels and newspapers are set to jostle for space in three metros

  • Swindlers' List
    Swindlers' List

    Hi-tech heist is here to stay. It's time to re-examine our cyber laws and plug the loopholes.

  • Look Who Is Cracking The Whip Now!
    Look Who Is Cracking The Whip Now!

    Both Ganguly tormentors, Chris Broad and Clive Lloyd, hardly went by the book as players

  • Dadaism: Cap'n Can't Duck
    Dadaism: Cap'n Can't Duck

    He's been called the most successful Indian captain. Is it time for him to ride into the sunset now? Updates

  • The Swish Set
    The Swish Set

    The reasons why Delhi should not hold cricket matches were present in the more expensive pavilions, even...

  • Rush On The Runway
    Rush On The Runway

    New airlines and airports will change the way you fly

  • Thank God, Pakistan Won!
    Thank God, Pakistan Won!

    This victory, hopefully, will make both the teams believe in their abilities rather than the toss of the coin

  • Mind The Gangway, Cap'n
    Mind The Gangway, Cap'n

    Can Ganguly rebuild the team he built? His first hurdle is Ganguly the batsman.

  • This Is Not Cricket!
    This Is Not Cricket!

    One-day cricket has become a contest between two sets of batsmen, elbowing the bowler out of the scheme of...

  • Kiwi Ponders Flight
    Kiwi Ponders Flight

    Is the end of the Wright era really nigh? Where else can we get that alchemising glint of steel?

  • A Different Ball Game
    A Different Ball Game

    Now that Pakistan have squared the series by winning the Bangalore Test, it may be tempting to predict that...

  • We Own It, We Show It
    We Own It, We Show It

    The BCCI is working on their own TV channel. It seems there are fabulous fortunes to be made.

  • Seven Deadly Sermons
    Seven Deadly Sermons

    If Pakistan can address just a few issues, they will be able to match India in Bangalore.

  • A Blip On The Screen
    A Blip On The Screen

    The draw at Mohali was salvaged purely because Kamran Akmal played the innings of his life and so did Abdul...

  • 'He Is A Very Vindictive Man'
    'He Is A Very Vindictive Man'

    The former BCCI chief and president of CCI bowls a flurry of bouncers and beamers that Mr Jagmohan Dalmiya,...

  • Pitched Battles
    Pitched Battles

    This is as big as it gets. An India-Pakistan clash is more than sport—the very self - image of the two...

  • No Pushovers
    No Pushovers

    As Harsha Bhogle wrote recently, 'Make no mistake, Pakistan have the men to win the series. Now whether they...

  • Reason To Rejoice?
    Reason To Rejoice?

    Is it time for Team India to celebrate, because of speed demon Shaoib Akhtar's last minute pull out? Or for...

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